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Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs News 9/10

Good morning! Here is today's Kansas City Chiefs news. Enjoy.

Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

Chiefs Hopeful Charles Will Be Ready For Dallas from KC Star

After the game, when Reid became the first Chiefs head coach to win his opener since Frank Gansz in 1987, club chairman Clark Hunt handed him the game ball.

"I appreciated it," Reid said. "That was very kind of him. When he gives it to me, he's really giving it to the team and that really means more than the individual. I know it's not a one-man sport, I know that, and the guys, we were all able to gather around the ball ... Everybody has a little piece of that ball.

"There's a lot of emphasis put on the first game. I keep in perspective that it's one out of 16 games and hopefully more that you have an opportunity to play. On the other hand, I'll always tell you that you work your tail off to win every game ... so every victory you get, you're going to cherish and enjoy it for that small window that you get to enjoy it. ... Now we're moving on and getting ready for the Cowboys."

Sunday's Winning Effort Began In July from The Mothership

During the offseason, Houston said he would complete three workouts each day, getting him ready for the challenging Andy Reid-led training camp, which he says is now reaping huge benefits.

"It paid off," Houston said. "The fourth quarter came and that heat was thumping, but it's nothing we haven't been through already. Everybody was making plays and when everybody's making plays, flying around to the ball, it's a lot of fun."

Justin Houston Wants To Break The All-Time Sack Record from KC Star

I don't know if it was the euphoria of a winning locker room or the drastic change between this team and last year's or just a professional athlete's confidence but here's what Justin Houston said when I asked if he had a number in mind for sacks this season:

"I would love the break the (record). I'm pretty sure every guy that rushes the passer is trying to get that goal. If I could do that, that's great, but I'm just trying to do my job."

Transcribed: Andy Reid's Monday Presser from The Mothership

Justin Houston felt some of his sacks were coverage sacks; can you talk about the defensive secondary?

"That's like what I said about offensive and defensive lineman, it's hard to get a sack unless you have blocking and the secondary doing a nice job. He's right when he says that. The other thing was, they were rally sacks, where Justin (Houston) was right there and another guy right behind him. That part is encouraging. They were swarming to the quarterback the best they could, not that they weren't blocking, there were guys being blocked, but they were working fast to get to the quarterback aggressively."

Chiefs 28, Jags 2 Rewatch: Donnie Avery Shoved By A Mascot, Plus Actual Football from KC Star

It wasn't just the pressures and the sacks where Poe stood out. I don't know much about Jacksonville's interior line, it may very well suck. But there was a pretty simple math equation going on most of the afternoon:

One blocker for Poe = Poe is something like the defensive version of Tecmo Bo.

Two blockers for Poe = Poe is merely a Pro Bowler.

Monday Morning Film Room: A Look At The Blocked Punt from KC Star

It was the second straight game Jacksonville has blocked a punt, though after further review, you can argue Kansas City practically gave it away with a lack of execution.

So, in what figures to be another running feature on The Star's Red Zone blog, let's step into the Monday Morning Film Room, where we spotlight an interesting play in the previous day's game. Video: Andy Reid Addresses Media On Victory Monday Video: Locker Room Celebration After Win In Jacksonville

Dallas Morning News Photo Gallery: 10 Things You Should Know About The Kansas City Chiefs

After Miserable 2012 Season, The Kansas City Chiefs Are More Than Meets The Eye from The Dallas Morning News

"They're a good football team. You watch that tape and they're a good team," Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said. "And obviously Andy Reid is an outstanding football coach. He's put this program in place up in Kansas City and we have an immense amount of respect for what he's all about."

Dallas Cowboys CB Brandon Carr On Returning To Kansas City: 'Hopefully They Give Me Some Cheers' from The Dallas Morning News

Less than two hours after making a critical interception to seal a 36-31 Dallas Cowboys victory over the New Your Giants on Sunday night, Carr was already being asked about playing against his old team in Week 2.

"It's going to be exciting," Carr said. "I never switched teams in my whole career. I always played with my same team from start to finish. It's going to be interesting to see how it goes. But it's a business trip."

Injury Updates: Tony Romo, Morris Claiborne, Dez Bryant And Anthony Spencer from The Dallas Morning News

A source said quarterback Tony Romo suffered bruised ribs in the victory over the New York Giants but it will not keep him from playing against Kansas City. An X-ray that Romo received Monday morning showed that he did injure the ribs when he was sandwiched between New York's Mathias Kiwanuka and Justin Trattou late in the first half of Sunday night's game.

Chiefs Off To Wining Start Under Reid, Smith from The Associated Press via The Miami Herald

"There's a lot of emphasis put on the first game within the league," Reid said Monday. "I keep in perspective that it's one out of 16 games and hopefully more that you have an opportunity to play, so I understand that. On the other hand, I'll tell you that you work your tail off to win every game, and that's what you do. So every victory you get, you're going to cherish and enjoy it."

Especially in a city that's been starved for victories.

Upon Further Review: Chiefs Week 1 from ESPN

The running game was sluggish in the preseason, but Jamaal Charles found plenty of running room in Jacksonville. Charles averaged a healthy 4.8 yards on his 16 carries. Run blocking was far superior to that in the preseason, when the Chiefs were occasionally overwhelmed at the point of attack.

Keeler: Let's Not Give Pioli TOO Much Credit For The Chiefs' Stunning Turnaround from FS Kansas City

Of course, a half-dozen Pro Bowlers doesn't mean diddly poo if you're rolling with the wrong quarterback, the wrong head coach, the wrong staff, the wrong philosophy, the wrong mojo, and picking fights with the wrong enemies.

That bears repeating, too.

Still, let's give credit where it's due: While Pioli, the much-reviled Chiefs general manager of old, whiffed on his favorite mantra of finding the "Right 53," the man did find the Right 5.

OK, maybe the Right 6.

Time's Yours: Chiefs Dominate Jaguars To Give Andy Reid 1st Win In KC from The Associated Press via DelCo Times

Andy Reid and Gus Bradley shook hands near midfield, exchanged a few words and then headed off the field - in opposite directions.

Figuratively and literally.

Reid and Bradley had vastly different debuts with their new teams Sunday.

NFL Week 2 Picks: Chiefs Over Cowboys, Peyton Manning Over Eli from CBS Sports

Beating Jacksonville tells you nothing about a team, except that they're better than Jacksonville, so we know nothing about Kansas City except that they're better than Jacksonville. That doesn't really help when it comes to picking this game. It's the Chiefs home opener and Tony Romo's banged up, that's enough for me to pick Kansas City. Chiefs 27-24 over the Cowboys.

Smith Did Nice Job Of Spreading Ball Around from ESPN

Nine isn't a colossal number, but it's impressive for a couple of reasons. First, the Chiefs dressed 12 backs and receivers. One of them, tight end Travis Kelce, didn't play. The two others who didn't catch a pass, tight end Sean McGrath and wide receiver A.J. Jenkins, were between them in for 18 of the 63 offensive snaps.

More importantly, the Chiefs are searching for a reliable receiver to take some pressure off Dwayne Bowe, but that doesn't have to be just one guy. It can be several and, for one day at least, it was.

Dez Bryant Appears To Be Most Serious Of Cowboys Injuries With A Sprained Foot from The Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Bryant sprained his left foot in the fourth quarter. He returned to the game and has not been ruled out for Sunday's game against the Kansas City Chiefs. He told reporters on Sunday night that he plans to play against the Chiefs.

The Cowboys will have a better feel for his status, if he can practice this week.

America's Team: Cowboys' Tickets Are Most Expensive On The Road from Forbes

While most Kansas Citiians are devoted to their local teams, given the shared history of the Cowboys and Chiefs, there may be more than a few fans pulling for the away team. The Chiefs in fact used to be the Cowboys, or rather the precursor to the Cowboys, before they moved from Dallas to Kansas City, in 1963. Once there, they changed their name from the Texans to the Chiefs and helped launch the AFL. Since then, the Cowboys and Chiefs have played nine times, including four games in Kansas City.

Jack's Smack: 'For One Weekend We Can Celebrate Success For All Our Teams' from KSHB

This city and our sports teams reached a monumental occurrence over the weekend. I can't remember ever a time when all of our teams, both professional and collegiate, won their games.

Royals, Chiefs, Missouri, K-State, KU and Sporting Kansas City. They all won.

Hollis Thomas' Mother: 'Andy Reid Is A Snake!' from CBS Philly

You might know Hollis Thomas as a former Eagle, current WIP host, and the creator of such hits as, "Nnamdi Asomugha ate lunch in his car," and the all-time great, "the Eagles and Phillies shared a giant blue chest of pornography."

Hollis' mother joined the 94WIP Morning Show on Monday, and recorded a hit of her own.

Antonio Cromartie: I'm A 'Jackass' With A 'FU Attitude' On The Field from Larry Brown Sports

Cromartie takes pride in his trash talking skills. When asked what the best piece of trash talk he ever hurled was, he brought up his San Diego Chargers days when he was matched up against Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe.

"I think I told somebody, this is when I was in San Diego, I just told the receiver [Kansas City's Dwayne Bowe], "You might as well go sit down on the bench 'cause they're not gonna throw the ball to you."

About Last Weekend: Shrunk-Down Giants from Grantland

The only blowout winner in a highly competitive Week 1 in the NFL was surprisingly the new-look Kansas City Chiefs, who beat the Jacksonville Jaguars 28-2. However, the only blowout loser in a highly competitive Week 1 in the NFL was very, very, very unsurprisingly the same-look Jacksonville Jaguars, who fell to the Kansas City Chiefs 28-2.

DeSean Jackson's Father Had A Dream: The Eagles Controversial Wideout Talks Family And Mat from

DeSean's older brother Byron was also encouraged to play sports by his father-who, himself, was never allowed to by his parents. Byron played at San Jose State as a receiver and spent a couple years on the Kansas City Chiefs practice squad. But Byron's first love wasn't football, it was film.

Thinking And Knowing Are Different Things In Week 1 Of NFL Season from The Los Angeles Times

We thought: We can't expect much from two-win teams.

We learned: That doesn't apply to the Kansas City Chiefs, who pounded Jacksonville, 28-2. It was an impressive debut for new Coach Andy Reid, quarterback Alex Smith and a Chiefs defense that allowed the Jaguars past their own 36 once.

Cowlishaw: Notes Of Caution For Overly Optimistic Cowboy Fans from The Dallas Morning News

Two notes of caution for the overly optimistic Cowboys fan this morning: 1. Kansas City was probably a game you circled as a win when the schedule came out. The Chiefs, 2-14 last season, own the biggest margin of victory on the first weekend ( a 28-2 win against Jacksonville). 2. Dallas opened the 2012 season with a win over the Giants as well, that one coming in New Jersey.

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