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Eric Fisher injury update: Chiefs OT injures thumb in first preseason game

The No. 1 pick, Eric Fisher, hurt his thumb in Friday's game between the Chiefs and Saints. Read on for what we know about the injury -- it seems minor -- as of now.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports



It doesn't appear serious. The Chiefs broadcast team of Trent Green and Paul Burmeister didn't even mention the injury when it was happening.

This is a good time to remind you: Fisher's hands were already hurt. From John Clayton last week: "In his first training camp practice, Fisher badly injured two fingers on his right hand. He stayed in practice and tried to go against defenders mostly left-handed. Within a few days, he did some damage to his left hand."

The Chiefs don't play a real game for a month so even if it was injured there's a lot of time until the season. We'll wait to see what Andy Reid has to say about it after the game.

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