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Chiefs vs. Saints preseason: Pre-game open thread

Use this as an open thread leading up to tonight's 7 p.m. kickoff between the Chiefs and Saints.

Chris Graythen

For those who are new to the site, here's how our game week coverage works.

Everything we write in the week leading up to game day will go in what we call a group. For the Chiefs-Saints game, this is our group, which houses all the stuff we write all week long.


On game day, we flip to a StoryStream. This is where our in-game coverage will go along the need-to-know information like the game time, injuries and things like that:


During the game, we will have open threads for you to comment during the game. It gets very busy with hundreds of commenters all chatting about the game so you should check it out. That open thread will go up about a half hour before the game starts.

You can always just go to the home page and all the important information -- and open threads! -- will be up top.

This is your pre-game open thread. Use it to chat as we await tonight's kickoff.


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