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What are the biggest changes in an Andy Reid-led training camp?

Friend of Arrowhead Pride, @JinxAllessio, brings up a good question: What's the biggest change to this year's training camp under new KC Chiefs head coach Andy Reid?

Agreed on those two. They're two of the biggest ones that jump out at you at Kansas City Chiefs training camp, two that you can easily see. It's obviously a faster pace at camp than it was in previous years. You can notice that right away if you were around to compare it to others. I have only a Todd Haley and Romeo Crennel training camp to compare this, so, you know.

And as good of a defensive coordinator as Romeo Crennel was, he didn't have the wild formations that Bob Sutton has shown. It's fun to see in practice, spicing things up. Tamba Hali, Derrick Johnson and Justin Houston all bunched up together. Five down linemen, one down lineman. Corner blitzes. LOTS of defensive backs. Chiefs players are saying things like this:

Other things that are different:

  • Lots of offensive formations, too. We talk about the defense above. Don't sell the offense short in terms of keeping you entertained via multiple formations. Option? Pistol? Receiver as a running back? Running back as a receiver? Tight ends everywhere? We've seen it all.
  • Tackling. No tackling in Haley or Crennel camps except for some goal line periods. This is one of the biggest differences.
  • Music. I wasn't out there today but AP user zbschiefs reports "Welcome to the Jungle" made another appearance on Monday. The rest of it was that hip hop music all those damn kids are listening to these days.
  • Team work. It sure seems like Reid runs a lot more 11-on-11 type action, which is great news for the fans. That's easily the most entertaining and to me the most meaningful.
  • Weather. The weather is MUCH nicer in an Andy Reid camp.

What stands out to you?

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