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Kansas City Chiefs training camp 2013: Family Fun Day highlights day 9 practice report

The Kansas City Chiefs were back on the field for training camp on Saturday morning. There was an extra energy in the crowd with Family Fun Day and over 6,000 Chiefs fans in attendance. Read on for your day 9 practice report from Chiefs camp.

Family Fun Day is a big success

I hadn't heard the official count but here ya go, from Ross Martin of the St. Joe News-Press:

Outstanding stuff from the Chiefs fans today. The bleachers were filled and the railings around the field were all packed with the Chiefs fans.

It was Family Fun Day out at camp today which meant the players were hanging out afterward signing autographs. I was going to wait around and report on who the last player to finish signing was but the Chiefs were giving away free pizza to the media. And I have my priorities. (Three slices.)

New Chiefs player on the field

Rok Watkins is his name. Rokevious is the full name. He's an offensive guard who was cut last week by the St. Louis Rams. He was drafted in the fifth round out of South Carolina just last year.

I asked Andy Reid if his signing was a result of Donald Stephenson's injury and Reid said not necessarily. Geoff Schwartz has been playing some second team offensive tackle in practice so I wondered if Watkins was brought in to be given a shot at the backup guard position that Schwartz was at before. If that is the case, Reid wasn't saying.

Also familiar with Watkins was Eric Berry, who knew him from high school. They both went to Creekside High in Fairburn, Georgia, just outside of Atlanta. Berry said he grew up in the same neighborhood and considered Watkins to be like family. The Chiefs did ask Berry about Watkins before they signed him but only something quick, Berry said.

To make room for Watkins, offensive tackle Mike Tepper was waived. He was signed just this week.

Here's the new guy, No. 69:


Injured players

Jeff Allen continues to practice after missing time last week. Eric Berry was once again back in action as well.

Husain Abdullah was out with a groin injury from this week. Seemed like he was walking around the field the entire practice.

Mike Catapano and Cyrus Gray both remain out.

Play of the day

The Chiefs run some walk-thru stuff before moving into the team work. On one play in the walk-thru, Alex Smith went deep to Dexter McCluster with a nice pass. No one was on him, which prompted a discussion amongst the media folks in attendance whether he would have caught that with a defender on him.

Lucky for us, we were about to see that play in action.

The Chiefs moved to team work and ran what appeared to be either that same play or one very similar to it. McCluster was lined up as a receiver and his role, as he explained it to us after practice, was to blow the top off the defense -- go deep, in other words.

McCluster ran right down the middle of the field, probably 30 or 40 yards out. With McCluster running down the middle, Brandon Flowers was coming up behind and from the left. Sean Smith was coming in at the same point of contact from the other side of the field.

The ball went up in the air and Flowers was a couple steps behind, unable to make a play on it. Sean Smith's height, for perhaps the first time in camp, did not save him. The ball sailed just out of his reach and landed perfectly into McCluster's hands.

McCluster chest-bumped one coach who from a distance looked like Andre Reed, who is coaching with the Chiefs during camp.

Touchdown. And the crowd goes wild.


More observations
  • The offense, in general, started to pick things up a little bit and consistently maintained drives.
  • Eric Fisher saw cheers from the crowd as he went through offensive line drills. Yep, an offensive linemen getting noticeable cheers during drills. Chiefs fans, everybody!
  • Brandon Flowers had a nice pass break-up on a pass intended for Jon Baldwin. I love how aggressive Flowers is with Baldwin despite giving up several inches.
  • Tyler Bray continues to attempt passes that the other Chiefs quarterbacks wouldn't or couldn't. He threaded the needle on a nice pass to Tyler Shoemaker. He also missed the outlet pass when he was being pressured. You take the good with the bad.
  • Ricky Stanzi continues to struggle at times. To me, it's clear he's behind Bray.
  • Jon Baldwin had a deep ball thrown to him that was just a pinch too far. He reached out his hands, falling straight ahead and attempted to pull it in but the ball popped out.
  • We needed the officials today. Donnie Avery had what appeared to be a heck of a catch on a deep ball, over the shoulder. I couldn't tell from my angle whether the ball popped out.
  • On the goal line, Nico Johnson drove Knile Davis back after he met him at the line of scrimmage.
  • Dwayne Bowe had a circus-like catch, tipping the ball back to himself on a pass thrown by Alex Smith.
  • Both Alex and Chase Daniel had quarterback runs during team work. They're not "running quarterbacks" but they're both mobile.
  • Devon Wylie had a drop on a crossing route that he should have caught.
  • Jamaal Charles cuts: Still fun as hell to watch. Once he gets past the hole in the line, just watch for his first cut. I don't know how the defense ever has a shot in those situations.
  • Chase Daniel had a short pass to Travis Kelce down the left side of the field and Kelce appeared to do the high step, Deion-style, into the end zone. The fans, who lined the fields, loved it.
  • Alex lined up in shotgun and had a quick inside handoff to Jamaal Charles, who quickly got 10-plus yards down the field.
  • The quarterbacks also saw several pressures today. It was noticeable when the offense was backed up against its own goal line.
  • The Chiefs did some running game work today and Knile Davis showed he has a nice first step. He hits the hole quickly and because of his size seems to tumble forward for at least a handful of yards each time.
  • Someone lost Tony Moeaki in coverage and he ended up wide open, picking up about 40 yards before getting tackled to the ground. The best part of this play, however, was seeing Alex step up in the pocket and still deliver a strike.
  • Speaking of Moeaki, Alex had an absolutely gorgeous over the shoulder pass to Moeaki near the corner of the end zone. It was in perfect view of where I was standing and you just saw the ball float in the air, Moeaki look back and watch it land right in his hands. So perfect. Tysyn Hartman had decent coverage -- just a great pass.
  • Defensive backs blitzing! Neiko Thorpe had a sack if the quarterbacks were allowed to be hit.
  • There are penalties in camp. Demetrius Harris was called for offsides.
  • On fourth and three, Toben Opurum caught a pass just past the line of scrimmage on the right sideline, made the first man miss and fumbled forward for a first down.


Charlie Weis makes a visit to practice

The media was standing in our little tent awaiting the arrival of Andy Reid when I saw a very familiar face about 20 yards away. It was none other than former Chiefs offensive coordinator and current Kansas football coach Charlie Weis.

Reid said that Weis came not only to visit him, but also his former Kansas players and the players that he knew while coaching the Chiefs.

Huge mistake by me not getting a picture of Weis. He slipped past me!

Quote of the day
Hey ... Ronald


Jersey of the day, part 1

Tech N9ne!


Jersey of the day, part 2

Ty Law!


Best photo of John Dorsey while he's not looking


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