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Packers vs. Chiefs preseason game at Arrowhead will be very hot

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The Kansas City Chiefs host the Green Bay Packers for the final preseason game on Thursday night. It's not your typical football weather with temperatures in the 90s.

Jamie Squire

The weather report for tonight's Packers-Chiefs game: Hot damn! It's gonna be hot.

Temperatures will be in the 90s leading up to the game, meaning that field and those seats at Arrowhead will be baking in the heat all day long.


See below. Feels like 97 degrees at 9 p.m. That's a little much.


I am not a summer person. I do not like this heat. I sweat away in it and people wonder if I'm having some sort of medical emergency. "No, I just sweat a lot..." Sam Mellinger, a well-known sweater, knows my pain.

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