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What are the best Kansas City Chiefs fantasy football names?

Nobody can ever have enough football, not good people anyway. Join an AP fantasy football league!

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Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Look at the picture above. I asked Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid if he would like to join an Arrowhead Pride fantasy league, and as you can see, he pointed to Jamaal Charles and said "And with the first pick..."

Some AP users have made their fantasy leagues. If anyone else in the comments wants to organize another league, use this link to sign-up for one.

So you got your team. Now you need a name.

I'm admittedly terrible at coming up with good fantasy football team names, but how about Wylie Coyote? Or Houston, you have a problem?

Maybe you prefer an old school name, like Ringing your Bell or This League is Vanover.

Give us some of your BEST fantasy football team names in the comments.

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