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Packers vs. Chiefs preseason: How long should Alex Smith and KC starters play?

The Kansas City Chiefs take on the Green Bay Packers on Thursday night in the final preseason game. How long should the Chiefs starters play in the game? Andy Reid isn't saying.


The KC Chiefs starters have played the first half of the last two preseason games, after running just one 14-play drive in the first preseason game. Alex Smith has completed 31 passes. Is he going to get better by making that 33 or 34? Jamaal Charles has rushed the ball 12 times. Will he improve if he has 15 carries in the preseason?

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There's an argument that the fourth preseason game doesn't really matter, especially if you're not playing your starters.

"We're just getting ready for the Packers and everybody is getting ready to play," Reid said on Tuesday, via comments from the Chiefs. "We haven't made any decisions on who's playing and who is not playing. Everybody got opportunities today for us to take a look at them, and that's how we're going to go about it and we'll figure it out from that point."

Should the Chiefs starters play in the Packers game?

Should the Chiefs starters play? The norm, it seems, would be to play your starters for a series -- if at all -- in the final preseason game. Chiefs fans know it's hard to shake the memory of Tony Moeaki going down in the second half of the final 2011 preseason game against Green Bay, the Chiefs same opponent in the final preseason game this year.

"Well, I've done it all different ways," Reid said of the preseason. "I've sat the ones, I've played the ones for a series, for a quarter, I've done it all."

"The main thing you want to do though on this is to make sure with the guys that are remaining on this team," Reid continued, "that you get a good evaluation of the players, so at the end of this thing, you're making the right moves that you feel are right for the Chiefs."

So, how long should they play?

It's Game Time.

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