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Andy Reid inspires Barbecue Philly Cheesesteak in Kansas City

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Is this Andy Reid-inspired barbecue Philly cheesesteak the greatest idea ever or the worst?

Joe Flamingo's

It was only a matter of time, wasn't it?

Of course someone would create a barbecue Philly cheesesteak. The KC and Philly connection now that Andy Reid is in town.

Flamingo Lounge in Independence, Mo. created the Andy Reid-inspired barbecue Philly cheesesteak sandwich, calling it, yes, "The Andy Reid sub".

"A little Philly and a lot KC. Chopped burnt end brisket, grilled (Big Red) onions and provolone cheese drizzled in KC BBQ sauce, served on a Philly roll."

Oh my.

Is this the greatest sandwich idea ever? Or the worst?

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