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Chiefs roster cuts 2013: Andy Reid feels comfortable at FB after cutting Braden Wilson

KC Chiefs head coach Andy Reid addresses the release of Braden Wilson, who was drafted just four months ago.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Among the Kansas City Chiefs 14 roster cuts on Sunday night was Braden Wilson, who was also a draft pick of Andy Reid and John Dorsey. Wilson, a sixth round pick, was the only 2013 Chiefs draft pick to be cut. There's another round of cuts coming so another pick could be cut but Wilson is the first and only so far.

Wilson was listed second on the depth chart -- behind starter Anthony Sherman and ahead of rookie Toben Opurum, both of whom remain on the team (as of now).

"It's tough to cut anybody," Reid said on Monday, via comments from the team. "In that case there, he's a good football player and will potentially hook on with somebody else. We've got a little depth there, so we felt comfortable with what we had."

Some people have noted that the Chiefs could bring Wilson back on the practice squad. Those players on the practice squad are actually cut first, clear waivers and then re-signed to the practice squad. You can't just go from the camp roster straight to the practice squad. So if Wilson is going to the practice squad, this would be the first move.

However ... notice Reid said he "will potentially hook on with somebody else." If you want to read into one sentence way too much, perhaps that means Wilson isn't going to re-sign with the Chiefs.

Reid also said that the Chiefs have "some depth" at fullback. If Opurum was gone, the Chiefs would have no depth at fullback. So by saying "some depth", is that a hint from Reid that Opurum has a shot to make it, or maybe the practice squad?

Lot of time spent thinking about the fullback position.

Here is the Chiefs 2013 depth chart. Who do you think they will keep?

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