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GIF'D UP: Eric Fisher struggles in 49ers-Chiefs game

Chiefs No. 1 pick Eric Fisher had a poor game against the 49ers.

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Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Chiefs offensive line struggled against the 49ers last Friday, and Eric Fisher may have been the worst out of the five starters on the offensive line.

After Friday's game Andy Reid revealed Fisher was dealing with a shoulder injury.

"He's a little tender," Andy Reid said of Fisher's reported shoulder injury. "He's working through that. Those are naggy things. We have him a couple of days off to let it settle down."

Pro Football Focus gave Fisher a poor grade of -4.5 for his performance on Friday night, which seems even worse when you consider he only played 30 snaps. In those 30 snaps he allowed three hurries and one sack, which is not good and, as the GIFs show below (played at half speed), look even worse when you see just how badly he was beaten.

(Q1 12:34) 3rd and 11 from the KC 37

Fisher isn't beaten with speed, but as soon as Ahmad Brooks gets his hands on him, he walks him right back into Alex Smith, who has less than three seconds from the snap to the point where he begins to run. This looks like a strength issue to me, though it could also be a problem with the hand / shoulder injuries Fisher is struggling with. Either way this is not a sight I want to see from my 1.1 RT.


(Q1 6:48) 3rd and 19 from the KC 48

Fisher is beaten to the inside on a quick move from Parys Haralson. It's debatable if he could have recovered or not, but Jon Asamoah gives him some help and prevents further damage. However, you never want to see a lineman on the ground. Fisher looks like a guy who is struggling to adapt to the pro game here.


(Q2 3:30) 1st and 10 from the SF 21

Parys Haralson gets to the edge so quickly here, Fisher never has a chance to recover. There's something odd going on here, because it doesn't seem like Fisher is necessarily setting up to block Haralson one on one at the start of the play. Either way, it's a bad play. Haralson (who is just an average player) would have recorded his second sack against Fisher had Smith not escaped here.


(Q2 0:37) 1st and 10 from the KC 25

Another snap where Fisher is no match for Haralson, who would have had a fumble to add to his sack had Alex Smith not pulled the ball down alertly. As the caption states, Fisher does get his hands on Haralson, but doesn't really impede his progress at all. I wonder how badly those injuries are affecting his play.


To me, this is not what I want to see out of a first-round pick, and especially not out of the first overall pick. Even if it's only his second preseason game, I expect a guy taken No. 1 overall to be able to handle guys like Parys Haralson.

Unfortunately, it doesn't get any easier for Fisher, because Saturday he gets to face LaMarr Woodley, who's no slouch.