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Start your Arrowhead Pride fantasy football league

Finally, the day you have all been waiting for. The AP fantasy league, which crowns the true champion of fantasy football.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Folks, it's time to have some fantasy football fun. Once again, Arrowhead Pride and SB Nation have partnered with Yahoo! Sports for good times that are free.

We're running a 10-team league, which is the best league in the world. Why? Because Chiefs fans are the smartest (and certainly most resilient) people on the planet. In related news, Jamaal Charles might be a hot item in this draft.

Join the league here.

This is not the only league or the official one. It's one of what will likely be several leagues. Once that league fills up, we would be thrilled if others would create other leagues for more AP readers.

Here's how to do it:

1. Once the league above fills up (which will be within minutes), announce in the comments section that you are creating a new league.

2. Create the league and share the link in the comments section so others can join. (Note: Make it public.)

3. You are now the Commissioner. You make the decisions on how your league runs. Revel in your power.

Once we have all the leagues up and running, we'll keep track of them throughout the season.

The only thing we ask of you is to please stay on top of things throughout the season, even if your squad goes all "2012 Chiefs" on you, also known as "2003-forever Raiders." Don't be that guy. (Note: Joel has been known to be that guy. That guy.)

It's Game Time.

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