Scouting the Chiefs First Real Opponent

I went to the Jets/Jags game last night and came away with a few observations that surprised me.

First, they looked better than I thought they would. Blaine Gabbert threw some very crisp passes, and moved the Jags down the field professionally. The running game was not that strong (but MJD did not play), and the Jets were able to push the Jags back at the line of scrimmage.

The Jags had an offense that looked very similar to the Chiefs. There were a lot of flairs, short passes to the tight ends, and a TON of rollouts. Most of the successful pass plays involved a moving pocket or even a naked bootleg. This fooled the Jets to some degree, but it also got Gabbert out into space, and he looked effective throwing on the run. He had 2 or 3 plays where he was running to his left and throwing across his body - throws came out cleanly and accurately.

The offense cratered once Gabbert was pulled. Chad Henne was not nearly as effective as Gabbert, and the offense stalled completely. The Jets definitely played their starters much longer than the Jags, but still Henne threw a bad pick, and generally looked like a poor backup.

On defense, the Jags definitely look susceptible to the pass. Even Sanchez was finding receivers wide open. He was able to score on 5 of his drives (playing through the third quarter). The run game for the Jets was shut down pretty effectively until later in the game when they had their scrubs in. So look for the Chiefs to keep the ball in the air. Sanchez had a fair amount of time to sit back there.

Special teams made the Jets look Special. They had long return after long return. Look for the Chiefs to make some hay here.

Bottom line - Jags offense effective, defense susceptible to the pass, and special teams susceptible to everything.

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