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Which 49ers player would KC Chiefs fans take today? (Non-Kaepernick edition)

If you could take any 49ers player and put him on the Chiefs, who would it be? Of course it's Colin Kaepernick. But besides him, who?


Welcome to our Niners Nation friends.

Myself and Fooch, the editor at Niners Nation, are going to be doing some joint posts as we prepare for Friday's 49ers-Chiefs game. Yesterday's was this discussion on which part of the Chiefs offense worries 49ers fans. AP thanks our friends at Niners Nation for the lively debate.

Today's question for AP:

You can take one player on the 49ers not named Colin Kaepernick and put him on the Chiefs. Who is it?

My pick: Aldon Smith.

Yeah, yeah, the Chiefs have two pretty good pass rushers in Tamba Hali and Justin Houston. Tamba Hali at his prime is a very, very good pass rusher. Houston looks like he's on his way to at least matching Tamba, perhaps surpassing it.

Aldon Smith looks like he's on his way to being elite ... if he's not already there. A level above Tamba and Houston. Get Aldon locked up on a multi-year deal, and let Chiefs defensive coordinator Bob Sutton figure out how to use all three.

Pass rusher isn't a need for the Chiefs in 2013 but Aldon Smith is just too good to pass up. He's my pick.

49ers fans, help us out and tell us who the best choice would be.

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