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Your Jamaal Charles Monday PM injury update: Still expected to be OK

Jamaal Charles was injured on Monday and shortly after it went down at practice Andy Reid called it just a foot strain, indicating it wasn't a serious injury. Later in the day, speaking with 810 WHB's Kevin Kietzman, Reid again confirms that they expect Charles to be OK.

Peter Aiken

Yes, I know this quote from KC Chiefs head coach Andy Reid is similar to what he already said earlier in the day but I find it encouraging that a few hours later Reid is still optimistic that Jamaal Charles will be OK after going down with a right foot injury this afternoon.

Here's what Reid told Kevin Kietzman about Charles on 810 WHB this afternoon:

"I think he's going to be OK," Reid said. "X-rays were negative. We made sure we took a precautionary measure by checking him out thoroughly. You don't want your runners with bad feet. We're just gonna see how he does overnight and we'll take it from there."

I won't feel completely comfortable about this until Charles is in uniform and on the field. That could come as early as Tuesday if all goes well.

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