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Chiefs GM John Dorsey on Jamaal Charles' injury: 'It's more precautionary than anything'

The concern over KC Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles and his injury continues. We know that the Chiefs have called it a foot strain, but that's all we know. GM John Dorsey spoke with SiriusXM NFL Radio about Charles' injury and called it "precautionary".

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We're still awaiting more information on Jamaal Charles and the foot injury he suffered at training camp on Monday but there is a bit of a scare going on with ESPN's Adam Schefter reporting that the Chiefs are privately concerned about the injury. We don't know exactly what that means or where the concern lies at the moment.

But we do know that Chiefs GM John Dorsey, who spoke with SiriusXM NFL Radio on Monday after Charles' injury, called it "more precautionary than anything."

"It is a foot strain," Dorsey told the guys on Sirius. "It's more precautionary than anything.

"I think sometimes when you have a player of the magnitude of Jamaal Charles things do get magnified a little bit. It's more precautionary. We understand what he is and what value he does have for this team. Right now everything is good.

"But yeah you hold your breath every time. People don't realize the practice that Andy runs, it's a really hard practice. What he does is conditions the human body to play in the games and I think that speaks volumes. If you look -- knock on wood -- our injuries have been very minimal here, little strains and soft tissues but nothing of major consequence."

For what it's worth, Dorsey did not sound too concerned when talking about it. Listen for yourself right here.

Dorsey spends most of his time on the field watching practice, and described his feelings as he saw Charles get hurt.

"When Jamaal had his foot strained, it took a breath out of me," Dorsey said. "It took a breath out of me and I walked over to the trainer and said what's going on here."

The injury is only a few hours old so it's possible that more information could come out on it. Hopefully, though, the next update is that Charles is back on the field on Tuesday.

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