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Eric Fisher's injury woes now include a shoulder; Chiefs RT misses practice on Sunday

The injuries are starting to pile up for Kansas City Chiefs rookie Eric Fisher but it doesn't appear that any of them are too serious.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

We spoke with KC Chiefs head coach Andy Reid on Saturday afternoon and he gave us an injury update, saying that there isn't anything new. That included Chiefs rookie Eric Fisher, who hurt his thumb in Friday's game. Reid did warn, however, that new injuries could pop up later in the day once the doctors have gotten their hands on the players.

It appears there is at least one new injury. Eric Fisher, who ended up not practicing on Sunday, not only has a thumb injury but he also has a shoulder injury, Andy Reid confirmed to us after practice on Sunday. Donald Stephenson replaced Fisher in the lineup at right tackle on Sunday.

Reid characterized it as a "bruise' and nothing structural with Fisher's shoulder, which suggests the treatment will simply be some rest. Reid said Fisher was "day-to-day" at this point.

In the first few days of camp, it was reported that Fisher hurt his hands. In Friday night's game, it was the thumb. And at some point later it was the shoulder. Reid said that Fisher did not complain about the shoulder during the game but that it's restricting some of his motion.

The Chiefs play next Friday night against the San Francisco 49ers. With Fisher being a rookie, these preseason games are important for him so this is an injury situation to monitor. It's unclear yet if Fisher will practice on Monday, the Chiefs next practice in St. Joe.

One funny moment from our short press conference with Reid. I asked him if this new shoulder injury was separate from his thumb or whether the two were related. He had some fun with me and pointed out  that the thumb and the shoulder are actually two separate parts on your body.

Yep, Andy Reid clowned me.

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