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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs news 7/5

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A slow day but here is today's KC Chiefs news from across the internet.

Timothy T. Ludwig-US PRESSWIRE

Chiefs: Outspoken Or Understated? - Arrowhead Addict - A Kansas City Chiefs Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and more
When Todd Haley came to town four years ago and essentially emasculated the Bowe Show, he took away a basic identity, which not only gave Chiefs fans an entertaining way to relate to the team but, I thought Bowe’s fearlessness was galvanizing for his teammates. One presidential term later and where is the Bowe Show now? He’s having a resurrection of sorts, because this regime is not stifling it’s players and they’re being given room to breath. So, is there a personality who will surface as a natural team leader for the 2013 Kansas City Chiefs?

Tearful moment NFL player Aveion Cason was confronted by son he left behind 10 years ago | Mail Online
Cason, who played for the Kansas City Chiefs, Detroit Lions, Dallas Cowboys, Arizona Cardinals and Florida Tuskers, was a recognized running back and kick returner who played for an impressive 9 years. The emotional confrontation was part of a series of episodes of Oprah’s Lifeclass that focus on fatherless children.

Don't Overvalue S Eric Berry In 2013 Fantasy Football IDP Drafts
Berry may not have cracked the top-five defensive backs in fantasy just yet, but he is clearly a top-10 option. He will always be around the ball, and if anything else, will finish with 85-95 tackles again in 2013.

The Chiefs In The Playoff Hunt - Arrowhead Addict - A Kansas City Chiefs Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and more
That’s not bad at all – in fact, I think we’d all be elated with this situation. Remember, regardless of how much talent we had last year, the Chiefs were still a 2-14 team, tied for the worst record in the league with Jacksonville (and that’s the last time I ever want our team mentioned in the same sentence as the Jags). The truth is, we have no choice but to be at least 5-3 going into the third quarter, given the horrific journey the Chiefs will have to go through beginning in Week 8.