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Chiefs training camp 2013: 8 photos of Monday's best catch

Check out this sequence of photos detailing a great catch from Kansas City Chiefs receiver Tyler Shoemaker.


I wrote in my day four KC Chiefs training camp practice report that Chiefs receiver Tyler Shoemaker had an excellent catch and I couldn't figure out how he actually caught it because I saw the play from a distance. Quoting myself here:

In the same drill, Tyler Shoemaker stretched his hands out all the way to barely pull in a deep ball. He had a couple of steps on the defender and I still don't know how he held onto that ball considering it was wet.

And now, friends, you can see the power of the fan.

@Chief_Wildcat, a Chiefs fan who has provided training camp photos in the past, followed up in a big way. He provided the photo sequence of Shoemaker's catch, which is just too cool.









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