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The best quotes from Kansas City Chiefs training camp so far

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A lot has happened over the last four days of the Kansas City Chiefs 2013 training camp. Let's take a few minutes to remember the best quotes from the first few days of camp in St. Joe.

Notice who is NOT quoted.
Notice who is NOT quoted.
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Eric Berry

"I want the best out of my coach just like he expects the best out of us. I want him to bring his A-game every day, every time we're out there on the field because time is limited so we have to get the best out of each opportunity and each moment."

Doug Pederson (offensive coordinator)

Q: On running the option and zone read

"It's not a staple of the offense but we're going to continue to explore it."

Dwayne Bowe

Q: On his virus / chest congestion

"A couple of days ago I couldn't even talk."

Derrick Johnson

Q: On rooming with Tamba

"It'll be good bonding."

Dexter McCluster

"The discussion did come up that he liked me at Ole Miss and every once in a while he'll joke in the meeting room, 'You know, this is just like at Ole Miss.' And I say, 'You know what, nothing's changed.'"

Dexter McCluster

"Honestly, who knows my position."

Dunta Robinson

"They call me the old man. And at 31 that's a tough pill to swallow."

Branden Albert

Q: On whether he plays the role of the old grumpy guy on the o-line

"Yes I do. I learned it pretty good from Brian Waters."

Sean Smith

Q: On CB being a revolving door last year

"Hopefully the door stops here."

Sean Smith

Q: On who he looked up to coming into the league

"I just played offense growing up, so for me it was always Randy Moss. I was tall, and I wanted to play wide receiver. I never thought I was going to play corner in a million years. I would love to say I wanted to be like Deion or somebody like that, but I never thought about defense."

Dave Toub (special teams coach)

"We brought [long snapper] Brad Madison in for a reason because [Thomas] Gafford had a few bad snaps last year, and he was struggling a little bit. Bringing a guy like that in really made Gafford focus the whole offseason and it carried over into training camp. Gafford, to be quite honest with you, is pulling away. He's doing better. Brad is a good young player; that's a developmental player."

Dave Toub (special teams coach)

"I told [Andy Reid] I thought Dexter was our best punt returner."

Eric Fisher

Q: On stopping in a small town after driving from Detroit overnight

"I was in Iowa. I don't even know the name of the town. Halfway on the way here I got a little tired and just got a hotel."

Alex Smith

Q: When you were walking up, a fan yelled out 'Be our savior'.

"Yeah, we were laughing about that."


Mike DeVito

Q: Can camps in New York become a circus at times?

"How things go on over there doesn't really affect us over here. I'm grateful to have you guys (media) over here and be dealing with you guys now."

Brandon Flowers

Q: On working out on the beach in Florida

"Because the sand is so uneven and you sink into it, you have to pick your feet up every time you run; when you cut and plant. You just have to have balance because you will be off balance every time you cut and plant. We just work on balance and stability - when you come on grass, it just makes it that much easier."

Clark Hunt

"...personally I like the team going away and the bonding in the three or four weeks that takes place while they're [in St. Joe]."

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