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Chiefs training camp 2013: What you missed through 3 days

The Kansas City Chiefs 2013 training camp is three days in. We have observed all three days of camp and talked to Andy Reid and the players after each day. Here's what you missed.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports
Jeff Allen is day-to-day with a shoulder injury

The most notable injury of camp so far.

Allen was spotted leaving on a cart during Saturday's practice. Andy Reid later revealed it was a right shoulder injury. We're not sure the specifics of it but Reid called him "day-to-day".

Allen was lining up with the first team offense at left guard. Making it even more interesting is that he's currently in a position battle with Geoff Schwartz, who replaced him at guard. Allen started with the ones and Schwartz with the twos, but now Schwartz is in there with the first team with Allen out.

This may not be an injury that keeps Allen out for very long but if he misses, say, a week ... the position battle gets a little more interesting. Reid had faith in Schwartz, saying he could play a number of positions along the line just fine.

Up tempo practice

The Chiefs have speakers set up on the field and the music really adds something to the practice. You can feel the energy, especially this weekend when the fan attendance numbers were strong. I noted earlier that there is little downtime in between plays. Things seem organized. There seems to be more team work -- 11-on-11, and even 7-on-7 is fun -- than we'd seen in previous years with the Chiefs. That's what makes it a fun practice to watch.

"There will be some tackling to the ground," Reid said. "So, what we're doing is, you saw, we've done ramp up days here. So, the next step was just to get the pads on and make sure they get used to pads over a little live period and mix it in with a thud. The thud, just so you know, periodically you're going to hear me yelling the different tempos and the thud period is live for everybody and you just take people to the ground."

Sunday was the first (and only) day in pads so far.

I can't say the Chiefs are mistake free or that they look great at all spots, but they are moving quick.

"Welcome to the jungle" was a nice way to start camp.

Dwayne Bowe misses the first two days of practice, but he's fine

Bowe had a virus, which landed him on the non-football injury list to start camp. He didn't practice and wore this Chiefs bucket hat on the sidelines:

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The initial prediction was that he failed his conditioning test but Reid said that was not the case. Bowe had some sort of chest congestion which kept him out for the first two days of practice.

He returned on day three, the first day with pads. The Chiefs eased him back into the lineup on that day. Bowe said on Sunday that was at 90 percent and continuing to feel better.

It looks like this scare is over.

Andy Reid works almost exclusively with the offense

If he has spent time with the defense, I haven't seen it. Reid seems to be putting full faith into his defensive coordinator Bob Sutton. Reid is almost always around the offense. He is constantly talking with the quarterbacks during team work. I don't know how much coaching he did on the field in Philly but he's involved in Kansas City.

John Reiger-USA Today Sports

I don't really mind Reid spending so much time with the offense. His work on the offensive side of the ball is the reason he was hired. I would hope he's sharing his expertise there.

A few years ago Todd Haley made a big deal about being the "head coach", spending time with both the offense and defense. I see what he was trying to do but I also think you should stick to what got you there in the first place. For Reid, that's offense.

The quarterback report

Alex Smith: In my eyes, the best quarterback on the field. His arm strength is about what I thought it was. I've been calling it functional arm strength. It's enough for what the Chiefs are trying to do. The deep ball has not impressed me during camp so far but that's to be expected early on. And that's not really Smith's game anyway. The Chiefs have been running a lot of crossing and drag routes across the middle of the field. Smith has been solid in that area. He's had a good camp. Not outstanding, but good. He has been taking all first team reps.

Chase Daniel: I've seen some throws here and there that are impressive but he hasn't put it together with chunks of good plays. Inconsistent at times. I can see the gap between him and Smith. Daniel has been taking all the second team reps.

Tyler Bray: On my depth chart he is ahead of Ricky Stanzi through three days. It would appear he's likely that way on the Chiefs internal depth chart if his reps mean anything. He and Stanzi have been splitting third team reps but Bray has been consistently ahead of Stanzi on those. He has a rocket for an arm as Alex Smith commented one day. On some throws you can see the zip he has. For a third quarterback, he's having a good camp.

Ricky Stanzi: About the same as the past few years. He still has that feel that he's a project.

The most open position battles

Left guard: As noted, this one seems like it could go either way given Jeff Allen's injury.

Tight end: Fun to watch. All three of them are involved with the first team. I'll be honest: If I didn't know who Anthony Fasano was before camp, I'm not sure I would circle him on my first team. I have noticed Tony Moeaki and Travis Kelce more often. "Noticing" a player isn't exactly scientific analysis but take it for what it's worth three days in.

No. 2 running back: Knile Davis has been there, but he's made his share of mistakes. I can see this one getting a little more competitive. Cyrus Gray and Shaun Draughn could challenge him.

Your Jon Baldwin training camp update

Last year Baldwin was a training camp star. Everyone remembers that. This year he's not standing out quite as much but we're also only seven or eight hours of practice in. His time will come if last year is any indication.

I can say that on Sunday, the first day Bowe was back in the lineup with him, Baldwin was targeted more often. By design? I don't know. But Baldwin saw more looks than Bowe.

He's had drops, but he's made his share of plays, too. Andy Reid talked over the weekend about how in shape Baldwin is. His body fat is in the single digits, according to Reid. Baldwin has always been an intimidating player compared to others.

I'll wrap it up like this: I don't think we're any closer to figuring out whether this is the year for Baldwin.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Best quote

Jay Binkley, like Andy Reid, shops at the big and tall store. He asked:

Q: Dontari Poe, what'd you see last year on film and what do you expect from him in year two?

Andy Reid: Other than he looks like you and me, he can move a lot better than you and I can.

Best kick

See that camera man in the tower?


Succop hit him!

Best dressed


Worst dressed


Cutest picture


Best creepy close-up shot


Best picture of John Dorsey when he's not looking


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