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Chiefs training camp 2013: Day 3 practice report

Welcome to day three of Chiefs training camp where Dwayne Bowe returned to the field, the pads came out for the first time and we get an update on injured guard Jeff Allen. Read on for updates.

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The first day of pads

It was excellent seeing the Chiefs in pads. This is the first day they were allowed to be in pads so things were a little more intense, especially on the team work and the running game.

The offensive linemen were hitting each other and players were physical in drills. Jamaal Charles took the first team carries, of course, and barreled his way through the line. Knile Davis was next in line. It's tough to evaluate the running game in this situation but there were flashes of good, like big holes. Cyrus Gray had an excellent cut back.

They did not tackle players down to the ground, so I asked Reid if things would be getting more physical as camp goes on.

"We've done ramp up days," Reid said after practice. "The next step is getting used to the pads. We'll do a little live period tomorrow with the thud. The thud, so you know, it's live for everybody but you just don't take people to the ground."

The coaches are always yelling at the linemen to stay off the ground in these team drills. You don't want someone tripping and busting their leg.


Jeff Allen is day-to-day

Remember how Allen went out in Saturday's practice? It appears he's fine for the long-term but he's hurt right now. He did not participate in Sunday's practice.

He "tweaked his shoulder" in a drill and Reid doesn't think it's serious.

Geoff Schwartz is filling in for him at left guard. The Chiefs are really fortunate they have a capable back-up there. "Schwartz can play any position across the board," Reid said.

This is Allen working out on his own off to the side:


Top three tight ends all get first team reps

As noted yesterday, this tight end battle is going to be a tough one to figure out. In team work all three tight ends saw time with the first team. They're really rotating them in there which suggests that they don't know yet how they'll handle it.

Individually, I've noticed Moeaki and Kelce more than Fasano. Those two are a little more athletic than Fasano (I think) so I see them featured in the passing game more often. Kelce does not remind me of a rookie.

Dunta Robinson's second trip to the trainers tent

Dunta strained his hamstring, according to Reid. This is the second trip to the trainers tent for Dunta. He was in there earlier in the week with what Reid called a spasm in his hamstring. Reid did not think it was serious. Dunta remained out at practice after it happened, just taking off his jersey.

We talked to Dunta when he first arrived. I remember he said being considered old at age 31 is a "tough pill to swallow".

Remember Quintin Demps

His name wasn't mentioned hardly at all this offseason but keep an eye on Quintin Demps. He could see some quality playing time this season. He had one interception after the receiver slipped in 7-on-7 work. He should've had another one later on in practice but bobbled it in the air.

Eric Fisher struggled in some blitz packages

I had the pleasure of watching the Chiefs blitz package with former Chiefs lineman Rich Baldinger. Fun guy to talk to. We noticed during this blitz period that it almost seemed too big for Eric Fisher at times. He struggled here and there.

It was the blitz period and this is day three for Fisher so it's not concern-worthy, but just worth pointing out. Even the No. 1 pick is a rookie.

D-Bowe is back

The first day back since Bowe missed the first two days with a virus. He was eased back in.

"I thought he did good," Reid said. "He did his conditioning part yesterday, finished that up and then felt pretty good with that. Came out here, started off a little slow rotating him in but he got plenty of reps in his first day back."

Bowe was very quiet today. There were hardly any targets to him, just a few shorter routes. Jon Baldwin saw a lot more action compared to Bowe.

More observations:
  • Chase Daniel threw a pass to Toben Opurum and cornerback Vince Agnew was right there to get his hands on it. But Opurum, a strong dude, ripped it back.
  • Tyler Shoemaker, who we haven't mentioned much, had a nice catch across the middle of the field.
  • Jon Baldwin had a tough drop on a short slant pass, but came right back and made the same catch minutes later. He had another catch, a short one, that was neat, too. He went out about five yards and turned around, looking for the ball. The defender was on him pretty tight so Alex threw it behind him and he was able to stretch out and make the play. It was the type of play that made you remember just how wide his reach is. He was targeted somewhat often today.
  • Same deal with Charles as Baldwin. He dropped a fairly easy pass in the flat then came back around on the next play and made a better catch in traffic in the middle of the field.
  • Alex Smith went deep to Dexter McCluster (covered by Dunta Robinson) but the ball was just out of reach. Alex targeted McCluster deep several times.
  • Devon Wylie got a lot of space on a deep route and Alex easily found him
  • Moeaki almost had another one of those classic diving catches of his. Down the middle of the field, the ball was barely out of reach but he deserves credit for the diving effort.
  • Vince Agnew picked off a Ricky Stanzi pass.
  • Love seeing that option with Alex Smith and Jamaal Charles. The Chiefs OC talked about that this weekend. More to come on that.
  • Chase Daniel is the back-up holder. Dustin Colquitt is the holder. Reid explained that Colquitt can contribute as a holder all throughout practice while Daniel can't so that's why you go with the punter and not the quarterback there.
  • Chase Daniel lofted a nice pass to Travis Kelce, who had three defenders around him. The ball landed in a great spot as Kelce went up to make the catch.


A real question someone asked Andy Reid

"Are you going to be ready for Week 1?"


Andy Reid appreciates the softball.

"They're going to show up," Reid said. "And we're going to show up. So we'll be ready."


Best exchange of the day

Reporter: Talk to me a little bit about Todd Peterson and how he'll handle his role.

Reid: Who's that?

Reporter: Your offensive coordinator

Reid: Who is it?

Reporter: Pederson.

Reid: What's his first name?

Reporter: Doug.

Chiefs defense practices catching balls


Refs at practice

Not many flags...


Personalized jersey of the day


Worst jersey of the day


Outfit of the day - The Dude


Cutest picture of the day


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