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Breaking: Andy Reid's favorite KC barbecue revealed

BREAKING: It's being reported that KC Chiefs head coach Andy Reid's favorite barbecue spot in the city is Fiorella's Jack Stack.

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ESPN's Ashley Fox has a terrific piece on the work Andy Reid has to do in Kansas City this season as the Chiefs head coach. Take the time to read the entire thing because there are a number of important insights on what Reid plans to do with his offense.

But the Chiefs offense is not the news here. Fox reports that Big Red has a favorite barbecue spot in Kansas City.

I repeat, Reid has made his choice!

The lucky winner is ... Fiorella's Jack Stack!

Wow! A surprise (to me)!

The evidence from Fox's piece:

So is Reid's new favorite restaurant. Philadelphia has cheesesteaks. Kansas City has barbecue. Reid has tried them all, but his favorite is Fiorella's Jack Stack Barbecue. On his way home from work earlier in the offseason, Reid would call in an order and park his truck out front, and someone would bring him dinner to go.

"How great is that?" Reid said.

Yes, it is great. But is it greater than calling into Oklahoma Joe's on a Saturday, bypassing the 120 person line, and eating your beef with an onion ring on top? Bigger than the monster sandwiches at Arthur Bryant's? Tastier than the ribs at Gates? I'm no Ollie Gates nor do I claim to be but I make a hell of a pulled pork in the smoker. (Andy Reid has not tried my pulled pork.) That's not to slight Jack Stack, one of the best in the city.

This news is sure to cause a wave in the Kansas City barbecue scene.

Even if you disagree with him that this is the best spot, I have to give a nod to him for convenience. The ESPN piece stated that he bought a home near the Plaza. Jack Stack has a location on the Plaza. So perhaps he deserves credit for strategically moving in near a barbecue spot. Some might even say he's ahead of the game.

Whatever it is, we need an answer from the people. Do you approve of Andy Reid's barbecue choice?

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