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Eric Fisher contract negotiations: 'No sense of panic' from Kansas City Chiefs

As we'll do every day until he signs, here is an update on the negotiations between Eric Fisher and the KC Chiefs.


NFL Network's Steve Wyche is reporting from Kansas City Chiefs training camp in St. Joe on Wednesday and has a non-update on Eric Fisher, the Chiefs No. 1 overall pick who has yet to sign his rookie contract. I say non-update because there's not much new, but Wyche did provide a couple of nuggets on NFL Network.

"There's no sense of panic."

That would be no panic from the Chiefs on getting this deal done. As Andy Reid said this week, the two sides -- Fisher's reps and the Chiefs -- are communicating, so it will get done at some point. It's just a matter of when. We're talking days here, not weeks. There are still nearly a dozen unsigned first round picks so it's not like Fisher is that unique here.

"They're hoping to get him in here by the weekend."

Yes, we and others will have a few words to say if Fisher misses the first day of camp. That's just how it goes. But do I think Fisher is at a significant disadvantage if he reports on, say, Sunday instead of Friday? No, I do not. As noted earlier, we'll probably forget by mid-August that Fisher wasn't here with the rest of the rookies in this pre-camp period. As long as he's here by this weekend, things should be OK.

Until tomorrow...

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