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How long will Chiefs rookie Sanders Commings miss with a broken collarbone?

There's no official word on how long KC Chiefs rookie Sanders Commings will be out with his broken collarbone, but other NFL players have missed anywhere from 6-12 weeks from broken collarbone injuries.

Paul Abell-USA TODAY Sports

As many of you know by now, Commings broke his collarbone in the Chiefs first rookies and quarterbacks practice on Tuesday morning. The injury happened at the morning practice and by Tuesday evening the Chiefs had confirmed the diagnosis of a broken collarbone.

There are varying degrees of a broken collarbone, apparently. Some players have missed just two weeks. Others have missed the season. WebMD calls it a 6-12 week injury.

In 2012, former Packer Charles Woodson broke his in Week 7 and didn't come back until the playoffs. He was projected to miss six weeks.

In 2011, Saints' Marques Colston missed just two games from a broken collarbone.

In 2010, Tony Romo missed 10 games with a broken collarbone.

If it's severe, injured reserve is an option for the Chiefs. If Commings were placed on IR he would be out for the season. Of course no one wants him to go on IR. Perhaps that's best for the team -- that's up to John Dorsey and Andy Reid, along with the doctors -- but everyone wants him to return.

My wife, known around here as Mrs. Primetime, once broke her collarbone. I got an exclusive interview with her during dinner this evening and can report the following facts about her broken collarbone:

  • She was 13 years old when it happened.
  • Fell during track practice, did the tuck n' roll. (Note: All these years later, and she falls running just a few weeks ago and does the 'ol tuck 'n roll, resulting in a shoulder sprain.)
  • "Mine was a fracture so it was almost sticking out of the skin," she said. "So I couldn't really do anything. It was very painful."
  • Bed-ridden for one week. Missed school and rang a bell whenever she wanted her Mom to do something for her. (The rest of the family hates that bell.)

No telling whether Commings will have a bell to ring.

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