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Lenny The Cool, DT and KC Chiefs at the Pro Football Hall of Fame

Our pal Dan Kadar of Mocking The Draft went to the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday and sent us a few pictures of the Kansas City Chiefs. All HOF pictures are courtesy of @MockingTheDraft.

Dan Kadar
This is a display of Super Bowl IV when the Chiefs beat the Vikings for their first and only Super Bowl title. That's the centerpiece of it all in the middle, Lenny The Cool.


Remembering 65 Toss Power Trap, the most memorable play call in KC Chiefs history. Hank Stram the coach of that Super Bowl team.


This isn't from the HOF but here's a shot of those two legends on the field together.

Malcolm Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

This next one needs no introduction. Derrick Thomas WAS the Chiefsh to so many people.


And here she is, the Lombardi Trophy.


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