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Former Chiefs news item of the day

This goes to show you that once you're an NFL player, you're always an NFL player.


Interesting story making the rounds today:

Former Kansas City Chiefs Linebacker Monty Ray Grow was arrested Sunday night for allegedly leaving his 3-year-old daughter in the car unattended while he went into a Diamond Dolls strip club in Clearwater, Fla.

Hold up. Former Chief? Never heard of this guy.

As it turns out, he is indeed a former Chief.

Monty Grow played for the Chiefs during the 1994 season, suiting up in 15 games. He ended the season with one interception. That's his only stat with the Chiefs, according to He even has a Pro Football Reference page.

We had a series on the greatest KC Chiefs players by the numbers (which Chris still needs to complete) and Monty Grow received exactly three of the 641 votes.

So for those of you wondering, yes, this guy really was a former Chief.

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