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What the Kansas City Chiefs are bringing to training camp

Yes, the amount of socks the Chiefs are bringing to St. Joe qualifies as news in the offseason.


Reid over at has a piece on Allen Wright, the KC Chiefs equipment manager, and what he and his team are doing to prepare for Chiefs training camp in St. Joe. That's a LOT of equipment that needs to be hauled from Kansas City to St. Joe, roughly 50 minutes north (45 if you know how to drive).

Reid reports that that among the items Wright will be bringing are:

  • 1,600 pairs of cleats
  • 300 footballs
  • 1,300 pairs of socks
  • 1,000 towels
  • Let's hope they're the right kind of socks and not these red ones below, which got D-Bowe and others fined a few years ago:

    Jamie Squire / Getty Images

    But seriously, 1,300 socks!

    Let's see here ... there are 90 players on the roster. That's an average of 14.44 pairs socks per player over the course of training camp. There are 15 days of practice which means (almost) every player will have one pair of socks per day. Although there are also walk-throughs to consider, and those aren't open to the public.

    What's REALLY interesting about this (as if any of it is) is that the Chiefs are bringing more cleats than socks. That tells us that the Chiefs expect to go through more cleats than socks? Dang.

    Please read this piece from and then share your observations about how many cleats and socks the Chiefs are bringing to St. Joe.

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