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Chiefs' Clark Hunt talks about his family business

As pointed out in Arrowheadlines, there is an article about the Hunt family and their sports teams.

Doug Pensinger

Cheryl Hall of the Dallas Morning News has a short but neat piece in Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt. The story is about the Hunt family -- they're based in Dallas -- and all their sports holdings, from the Chiefs to FC Dallas and even to a chunk of the Chicago Bulls.

The article writes of the Hunt family's sports teams:

The family's sports holdings are split equally among Lamar's four children - two from his first marriage, Lamar Jr., 56, and Sharron, 55, and Clark and Dan from his second. Lamar's widow, Norma Hunt, owns a small remaining interest. Lamar Jr. is involved with the Crew and the Hunt Family Foundation. Sharron works with the Chiefs and the FC Dallas Foundation.

Clark Hunt's standing in the NFL rose after the 2011 NFL lockout. Hunt was one of just a handful of owners who were in the room when the CBA was being negotiated which, looking back, was a big honor. That's an enormous amount of trust placed in him.

I don't know as much about his soccer teams but as the article notes he has a good reputation in that community, according to the article, which you can read here.

Do you have a family business?

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