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Kansas City Chiefs or Philadephia Eagles in 2013?

Let me ask you, readers of a KC Chiefs blog: Are you taking the Chiefs or Eagles in 2013?

G. Newman Lowrance

With Andy Reid leaving Philly for Kansas City and the fascination with Chip Kelly in the NFL, the KC Chiefs and Eagles will have a few connections this offseason. And when you have two teams that are even barely connected, NFL Network trots out the former players to discuss the teams.

Up today is Donovan McNabb and Shaun O'Hara, who were asked whether the Chiefs or Eagles would have a quicker turnaround in 2013.

Former Eagles QB Donovan McNabb

"This is a sensitive topic for me right here because they're two great guys. Chip Kelly is bringing a different attitude to the game. His attitude is to make sure we attack the defense and attack them often. We all know about the no huddle offense but when you have a guy like LeSean McCoy in the backfield and when you have your stable offensive line back -- you have Jason Peters at left tackle, Todd Herremans back at his right spot, you have Evan Mathis and [Jason] Kelce -- you have guys that have been there and that was a stable [offensive line].

"The quarterback situation is up in the air but I think Michael Vick will probably win that position and you can spread it around with DeSean Jackson. Don't get surprised when you see their defense apply pressure to the opposing quarterback."

This seems to fit here:

Former Giants C Shaun O'Hara

"I'm going with the big guy, Andy Reid and here's why: he already has stability at the quarterback position. When I look at Chip Kelly, he has quarterback competition right now so that to me is going to set that team back and I don't think they're going to start as fast. Andy Reid, 13 points per game is what he's inheriting form the Chiefs offense last season.

"The one thing you knew when playing with Andy Reid is you're going to score points. I saw it, that scoreboard was lighting up at the Linc whenever we played you so you know he's going to figure out how to get the receivers down the field and score points.

"I don't trust the Eagles defense right now. Their pass rush disappeared. Trent Cole, a guy who terrorizes quarterbacks, only had three sacks last season. When I look at the Chiefs at what they have on their defense, Justin Houston emerging on the scene with 10 sacks and then Tamba Hali, thats a great 1-2 punch for the Chiefs.

"Also, with the Chiefs, they have an easier division."

O'Hara is a smart man. The two reasons I thought of when this question came up was 1.) the Chiefs have an easier division and 2.) the Chiefs quarterback situation, at the moment, looks to be in better shape.

I am not a fan of quarterback competitions because it necessarily means that the quarterbacks will be getting less work. There are only so many reps to go around and when you're splitting them, you're not getting in as much work. So not only do you not have a starting quarterback in July, but the starting options have all taken less reps than other quarterbacks around the league.

Yeah, I'm a homer. Give me the Chiefs on this one.

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