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KC Chiefs' Dwayne Bowe is raffling off this red and yellow car

The Dwayne Bowe Foundation has a very cool raffle prize.

The D-Bowe Show is at it again. In a very good way.

Check out the car Dwayne Bowe's foundation is giving away in a raffle.

It's a red and yellow car, which is ... perfect. (Although I wonder if that is actually Chiefs-red or not.)

Here's what the website of Bowe's foundation says:

In efforts to raise money to help families, the Dwayne Bowen Foundation have created a fundraiser where one lucky winner will win a custom Dodge Charger that was owned and personalized by Mr. Bowe.

2nd place will be 2 season tickets for the 2014 KC Chief Season (home games only).

3rd place is signed sport memorabilia from Dwayne Bowe.

More details can be seen right here.

Pictures of this car surfaced last year so we've seen it before. I am surprised I've never seen this car out and about around town. Has anyone seen it in KC before?

Another question: Is it more impressive that The D-Bowe Show has a red and yellow car or that he's giving it away?

(H/T KC Star)

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