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KC Chiefs: Overrated / Underrated / Just Right

In the comments section, please give us your Underrated / Overrated / Just Right.


Dates on the NFL calendar

Overrated: Round 1 of the NFL Draft

The draft is sooo mainstream. /hipsters

Underrated: Roster cut down day

A month watching 90 players at training camp, knowing 37 of them will be cut by the end of August.

Just right: Day 1 of free agency

Not just the signings, but the rumors and visits.


Snack foods

Overrated: Nacho Cheese Doritos*

They're not as good as Cheetos to justify getting your hands that messy.

*Not including the taco shells.

Underrated: Bugles

My grandma used to have these when I was a kid. I recently re-discovered them and they're my chip of choice (along with Art and Mary's).

Just right: Oreos

A classic. Mrs. Primetime eats a lot healthier than I do -- except when it comes to Oreos. That's her weakness, so I know I can buy them at the store without complaint.

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