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A quintet of topics from the Kansas City Chiefs offseason program

The Chiefs have given all of us plenty to think about for the next few weeks until training camp rears it's beautiful head.


The Kansas City Chiefs offseason program came to a close on Thursday, meaning we have nothing to do but talk about Chiefs football without much action until late July.

You know, the same thing we've been doing since 2010. Anyway, let's take a look at five of the headlines coming out of Kansas City's OTAs and minicamp.

1. The Chiefs are exceeding Andy Reid's expectations

Following Kansas City's last practice, Reid talked to the media and flat out said he was surprised at how quickly the team was taking to the new system.

Asked if he had a goal of where he wanted the Chiefs to be after OTAs, Reid said, "You have an idea, yes. You come in with an idea. I think we've exceeded that. You can put a whole lot in, but it's important that the fundamentals and techniques are there too on both sides of the ball and special teams."

This is very good news considering how much Kansas City's players need to learn before training camp with an entirely new coaching staff.

2. Everyone loves Alex Smith

Now, of course every player and coach is going to go out of their way to tell the media how great the new quarterback is. If Dwayne Bowe ever came out and said "Alex really blew today, threw a couple passes behind me. The guy sucks.", we would be talking about ESPN camping out in Arrowhead until the year 2019.

However, it's always nice to hear the players and coaching staff rallying around Smith. If nothing else, it gives someone in a new environment comfort and confidence.

3. This defense will be aggressive

Almost defensive player who has been interviewed over the past couple of weeks has talked about the aggressiveness of new defensive coordinator Bob Sutton and his sytstem.

This will be a stark change for a team which for years, played a bend-don't-break style under Romeo Crennel. With the addition of Sean Smith and Dunta Robinson, this could suit the Chiefs very well going forward. It should also be much more enjoyable to watch.

4. Knile Davis' hands may indeed be made of granite

Almost every day, it seemed we saw a tweet about Davis dropping easy passes. This is going to kill his chances of playing time on the offense.

Reid is coming from a place where turnovers basically cost him his job. So he went out and got a quarterback who specializes in not giving the ball away. Think he's going to let a backup rookie cost him games? Better get those hands fixed Knile...quick.

5. Tyler Bray will have Ricky Stanzi packing

Honestly, this isn't a big surprise but refreshing nonetheless. Bray isn't my type of guy from everything I read about his complete lack of immaturity, but at least he has talent.

Nothing against Mr. America, but he throws the ball as though he doesn't have an elbow or wrist in his right arm. It's beyond words brutal. Finally, he will go the way of Tyler Palko and Brodie Croyle while Bray gets a chance.

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