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Andre Reed, former Buffalo Bills great, joins KC Chiefs staff on coaching fellowship

The KC Chiefs will have a coaching intern this summer who could one day be in the Hall of Fame.

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Former Buffalo Bills great Andre Reed has accepted a Bill Walsh Minority Coaching Fellowship position on Andy Reid's coaching staff with the Kansas City Chiefs, the Buffalo News reports. This means Reed will be around the team for training camp.

My first reaction: Man, Reed was on that 1993-94 Bills team that stomped the Chiefs in the AFC West Championship. That makes me sad.

BUT, we're Chiefs fans. We don't hold onto the past (OK, whatever) so I will have to forget that.

Reed played for the Bills for an incredible 15 seasons, finishing his career with a stretch of seven consecutive Pro Bowl seasons. He's also a Hall of Fame finalist seemingly every year. Big time player in his day. He last played for the Redskins in 2000.

The Bill Walsh Minority Coaching Fellowship is described as this:

The Bill Walsh NFL Minority Coaching Fellowship is an annual program administered by the NFL Management Council and NFL Player Engagement.

The program's objective is to use NFL Clubs' training camps, offseason workout program and minicamps to give talented minority coaches opportunities to:

  • Observe
  • Participate
  • Gain Experience
  • Ultimately gain a full-time NFL coaching position

Designed as a vocational tool to increase the number of full-time NFL minority coaches, all 32 NFL Clubs participate in the program on an annual basis. Specific aspects of the program (including hiring, salary and coaching duties) are administered on a Club-by-Club basis. No elements of the Fellowship are mandated to the Clubs by the League office, but several "best practices" have been strongly recommended to the Club, including:

  • Participants are hired for the duration of training camp, including all pre-season games.
  • Clubs are encouraged to hire a minimum of four (4) participants.

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