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Screw it, go deep! The Kansas City Chiefs changing mindset

No team needed an attitude adjustment more than the Kansas City Chiefs after being pathetic offensively for years.


In life, it's always more fun to be aggressive and take chances. Certainly, you will pay for that thought process occasionally, making a costly error. Sometimes it will blow up in your face and make you reevaluate the situation.

Sometimes though, you will strike gold. Being bold will pay large dividends, putting your competitors back on their heels. All of a sudden, you're in the drivers seat and they are waiting for your next move instead of the reverse.

All of this is why I love Andy Reid talking this week about Alex Smith being aggressive, taking some chances. If the Kansas City Chiefs are going to become a good, competitive team, they need to stop being afraid of their own shadows.

Don't worry about turning the ball over all the time. If Smith sees a big play and a small window, I want him to go for broke if the situation dictates. So what if he throws an interception 40 yards down the field. We now have an aggressive defense, and it's high-time our corners go for some interceptions and get the mistake right back.

Listen, the Chiefs still should be featuring a ball-control offense with their personnel. Jamaal Charles should never be forgotten about as he was for stretches last season. Dwayne Bowe's underneath routes should be a staple regardless of how aggressive the team wants to be.

All that said, throw the damn ball downfield.

Let Donnie Avery go for a bomb on the first play from scrimmage. Let Jon Baldwin try to out-leap a safety 50 yards down the field. I don't care what record Kansas City had last season, this team is much better than 2-14.

With the offensive line that has been assembled, Smith should have a bevy of time to throw the ball after letting the receivers find creases in the defense. Go ahead and pick four or five spots per game where you get a single-high safety look, and let it rip.

I'm not saying I want to see aggressiveness for the sake of entertainment. I want to see it because it will put team's in a second-guess mode. Maybe a corner won't want to press Baldwin for fear of him getting deep, knowing the Chiefs will take the opportunity.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Let's say Kansas City plays the Denver Broncos in Arrowhead Stadium for the AFC West lead on Dec. 1st. No doubt, Denver would be favored because they went 13-3 last season and have Peyton Manning; all fair points.

Guess what could turn the game on it's ear? No, not a halfback dive into the line on 1st and 10, but a play-action bomb to Avery or Bowe. All of a sudden, the stadium is rocking and Denver is scrambling to recover. Advantage Chiefs. (Is it football season yet?)

I hope Smith listens to Reid and goes for the jugular. Nobody ever won anything in life playing it safe.

Especially a Super Bowl.

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