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Kansas City Chiefs minicamp: Jon Baldwin's big day, Knile Davis drops one (or a few)

The Kansas City Chiefs have completed day two of their three-day mandatory minicamp this week. The third and final day practice will come on Thursday afternoon. Read on for a recap of Wednesday's practice.


Must be the offseason

Yes, we've heard this one before.

I don't mean that to slight Baldwin. I really, really hope he's successful this year. It's just that I can remember sitting in St. Joe last year for Chiefs training camp and walking away so impressed with how Baldwin did on the practice field. For whatever the reason (and there are plenty of reasons to choose from), it didn't translate to on-field production during the season. So I'm not going to get overly optimistic until the production comes.

This is the same situation as last year with the Chiefs offense. We know what we have in Bowe. We don't know what we have in Baldwin. The Chiefs offense can be competitive without Baldwin (it can't be without Bowe). But imagine what could happen with the Chiefs offense if Baldwin was a legitimate, consistent target for Alex Smith, along with The D-Bowe Show. It'd be fun to see what that looks like.

Knile Davis has a case of the drops

Teicher nails it with that last tweet: catching balls outta the backfield will be important for Chiefs running backs under Andy Reid. If it's done well, screen passes can be a dangerous play for an offense. I seem to remember a certain Chief who was damn good at that.

Also, Davis is in the competition to return kicks this year. Catching the ball is kinda important there, too.

Still, it's June. Let's get some pads on before we start to make too many judgments about these new guys. A seven-week break is coming up on Friday.

Chiefs fans go to practice

That middle picture is basically the view the media has during practice.

More OTA tweets:

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