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A Kansas City Chiefs fan goes on vacation

I went on vacation and took some pictures. Do you have a preseason vacation coming?

Mrs. Primetime's sister was getting married in Key West last weekend so we packed up and headed down there. While you suckers were sitting in the rain in Kansas City, I was enjoying my time in the sun in Florida.

I already wrote about the Chiefs news I missed while I was gone. Now here are a few pictures of what I was doing last weekend.

Andy Reid would like this place.


So would Chiefs fans!


I wonder if Clark Hunt has a boat here.


This place is as good looking as a Jamaal Charles touchdown.


The only thing better than a Jamaal touchdown: this BLT eggs benedict, where the L stands for lobster. Yeah, you read that right.


Just like the Chiefs, it was terrible one day...


And just fine the next.

2013-05-31_16 Thanks to the AP team for keeping things rolling while I was out.

What vacations do you have planned before the Chiefs season starts?

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