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Kansas City Chiefs OTAs: Jamaal Charles' injury, Knile Davis steps up and more

I've been out of town for the last few days so please join me as I catch up on what happened over the last week.


Jamaal Charles injures his toe

This is what we know: "He got his toe stepped on," Andy Reid said. "We'll have it x-rayed just as a precautionary measure and see how he does."

That's it. We think he's OK. At least that's what other reporters have been saying.. We also all thought that Dexter McCluster's injury was no big deal (and in the grand scheme of things it's not) but two weeks after his injury DMC was still limited.

The next key date: Tuesday, June 4. That's the start of the Chiefs mandatory minicamp, which is the next time Charles will be expected on the field. I really, really hope he is OK and is on the field this week because the Chiefs don't practice again until training camp and I don't want to spend the next two months wondering if Jamaal is OK.

Knile Davis replaces Jamaal

This could be nothing. Or it could be something. (#Analysis)

Charles goes down and Davis gets his snaps. Cyrus Gray and Shaun Draugh (and undrafted rookie Jordan Roberts) were also involved. But early signs suggest Davis will get a legit shot to become the new Thomas Jones next to Charles.

Reid later said you need two running backs, and three if you're lucky. Davis could be that No. 2.

Justin Houston is a top 100 player

I spent the weekend in Key West with Mrs. Primetime. I received a message from another SB Nation NFL blogger on Thursday night that read, "Did you see Justin Houston?" I wrote back, "What?!?", and he didn't respond. My heart sank. I thought something bad happened to him. I excused myself from the dinner table, went running outside trying to find a good enough internet connection to do a search and when I finally found WiFi at a coffee shop down the street, I realized he was voted the 49th best player in the NFL by NFL Network.

So, yeah, that's my Justin Houston story.

Here's what Andy Reid said when asked if he was surprised about his ranking:

"Well, no, he's a Pro Bowl player," Reid said. "And he's developing into one of the better outside linebackers in the National Football League. And it's important now that he understands that, it's important that he continues to develop and he has a real chance at being one of the top guys there."

It is a LOT of fun watching Houston because his development is... exactly what it should be. Started off slow as a rookie, came on strong at the end of year one, even stronger in year two and now this. If that development continues, No. 50 jerseys are going to be popular this year.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Who has stood out at OTAs?

Andy Reid doesn't single a lot of players out but he did single one out after last week's OTAs -- tight end Demetrius Harris. He's the basketball player turned tight end.

"Harris has done a nice job," Reid said. "He came in as a basketball player and has just gotten better and better every day. You see him out here making plays. I'm sure you guys noticed that. I'm proud of him for the way he's worked, that's not an easy transition."

"We saw the athleticism," Reid continued. "John Dorsey, that was his guy and he saw the ability there. He had been a real good high school receiver so you bring him in and give him a shot. That's what those are all about - those tryout positions. He came in and stayed in and made the most of it so far."

The tight end position is getting interesting in Kansas City. Anthony Fasano, Travis Kelce and now Harris are all new this year. Tony Moeaki, who has been injured, remains from last season.

Donnie Avery had a high ankle sprain

He appears to be OK now.

"He had the high ankle sprain," Reid said of Avery. "He's coming back. You saw him today. This was really his first day coming back. He worked in some team work, and those are tough to come back from, especially at his position. Offensive linemen, defensive linemen can come back a little bit quicker."

Avery will be a player in the Chiefs competition for the No. 2 receiver. For now, it appears Jon Baldwin is there. But I suspect the competition is not over.

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