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Did the Kansas City Chiefs improve? QB edition

Simple question for you: Did the Kansas City Chiefs improve at quarterback from 2012 to 2013?


We are starting a new series around here to see just how much better the KC Chiefs have gotten (if at all). We will be comparing each Chiefs position group to how that group looked in 2012. The overall point being: Did the Chiefs improve this position group from last year?

Up first, the quarterbacks.

2012: Matt Cassel, Brady Quinn, Ricky Stanzi
2013: Alex Smith, Chase Daniel, Ricky Stanzi, Tyler Bray

Advantage: 2013

Here's the thing about football ... if this exercise were done after the 2010 season, Cassel/Quinn/Stanzi would probably be the choice. Two bad years by Cassel combined with two good years from Smith and this is what you get.

An extremely underrated point: having multiple young quarterbacks sitting behind Alex Smith. I can't overstate how important that is. Finding a successful quarterback is, to some degree, a crapshoot. The way to give yourself the best odds of finding a keeper is to continue to stockpile young quarterbacks. That's what the Chiefs have done here. Stanzi can be an asset because he understands Andy Reid's offense so well. Bray could be an asset because he's physically gifted. Having both players there competing just makes sense. And having things "make sense" at the quarterback position is NOT something we're used to in Kansas City.

And, oh by the way, Andy Reid has a strong history of working well with quarterbacks.

This all sets us up for some optimism at the quarterback position. But, as you all know, it really comes down to one man: Alex Smith. If he goes down for any extended period of time, the Chiefs are more than likely screwed (no offense, Chase).

So, did the Chiefs get better at quarterback this year?

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