Raiders fan weighs in on JC


I just saw him on NFL32 which is the first interview with him that I can remember watching. He seemed really shy/awkward answering their questions which I thought made him seem more real than having perfect coach speak answers. I came on here to ask if he is always like that and then saw these videos and have even more respect for the guy. I’m a Raiders fan but I can appreciate a special athlete even if he is on a rival, you guys got a great player who also seems like a great person. I’d say I wish he was a Raider but I honestly can’t picture him as anything but a Chief. He is one of those once in a lifetime type players imo.

The best of Jamaal Charles on Vine: May 18 - June 25 - Arrowhead Pride I thought this comment on this thread deserved a little more attention. Marcus is a contributor at our Raiders blog, Silver and Black Pride.