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The best of Jamaal Charles on Vine: May 18 - June 25

On May 18, something glorious happened: Jamaal Charles joined Vine, which allowed him to post six-second videos to Twitter. It has been ... amazing. Below, you can find the best of Jamaal Charles on Vine -- so far. He's barely been on it for a month so consider this just the first installment of The Best Of Jamaal Charles On Vine.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Note: The audio is off by default. Click the sound button in the top left to play the audio.

1. The punter life

2. That's a clown car, bro

3. My boy Ron cookin'

4. Choo choo!

5. Looks like you've got some autographs to sign

6. 'Murica

7. Chiefs spirit spotted

8. Make-up AND massage

9. Getting his jog on

10. Lambo on the highway (note: do not attempt at home, also THAT SHIRT)

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