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Alright Arrowhead Pride, I need a distraction. I have been here in Las Vegas for just about four months this week and have been on my best behavior to date. Las Vegas is called "Sin City" for a good reason. No matter which way you look in this "town" you can find the avenue to your own personal destruction. A simple half hour trip to the local grocery store and gas station can turn your world upside down via the banks upon banks of slot machines.

I have never been a "gambler" but I also have never had the temptation that this place provides. First and foremost I am not against gambling, it is just a personal choice that I am attempting to maintain. So far so good, I have only stepped foot into a casino three times. Two were actually Military related events (financial seminars and such) and one was to take my daughters to see a mini "Mermaid" show and get a bite to eat, not once did I choose to partake in the casino's activities (other than food/show).

With the mountains and mountains of poker chips, dice and playing cards I figured that it would be kinda cool to do a Arrowhead Pride post with some Las Vegas flavor (of sorts). What I am going to do is take a suit of playing cards and use them to symbolize my top 14 favorite KC Chiefs players (as the official roster sits at this time). I will go the traditional route; Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 but also throw in one of the Jokers in for good measure. I invite you to share your favorite 14 KC Chiefs in the comments below.

Ace of Diamond Ace of Diamonds - RB Jamaal Charles

- The "Heart and Soul" of the KC Offense for years. NFL Defenders will still focus on Jamaal Charles in 2013 until the Chiefs can give them a reason to direct their attention elsewhere. He also has the chance to pass Priest Holmes as the All-Time KC Chiefs Rushing Yards leader if he is able to Rush for 1535 yards this season.

King of Diamonds King of Diamonds - ILB Derrick Johnson

- Just like Jamaal Charles on offense, Derrick Johnson is the main man on defense. His ability to recognize offenses, set the defense and cut through blockers is just amazing. Hopefully this season the aggressiveness of Bob Sutton's defense will allow him to pursue the Quarterback a little more.

Queen of Diamonds Queen of Diamonds - WR Dwayne Bowe

- No matter if you have tickets or not, the Bowe Show lives on in KC. Dwayne Bowe's physicality alone can set him apart on the football field and help him get into position over most NFL DBs. Give him the ball in space and the man can just simply do even more damage.

Jack of Diamonds Jack of Diamonds - CB Brandon Flowers

- Quietly Brandon Flowers has been one of the top CBs in the NFL for years. His peers know it, and I believe that if KC had a larger national media stage a lot more NFL fans would know it. Not many WRs survive long in "Flowers Garden" (ok....we need to figure something better than "Garden" out).

Ten of Diamonds 10 of Diamonds - S Eric Berry

- Eric Berry could have been named to three consecutive Pro Bowls if not for his ACL injury in 2011. He is entering his 4th NFL season and should only get better. His ability to seek (and destroy) his target from any point on the field is amazing and seeing him go through (or under) blockers to hit the ball carrier is a sight to behold.

Nine of Diamonds 9 of Diamonds - OLB Tamba Hali

- Tamba Hali is getting close to the age where we should see either a plateau or a slight decline. However with that said his production on the field is obvious to NFL offensive coordinators and will continue to demand their attention. Fly Tamba (Hawk)....Fly.

8 of Diamonds 8 of Diamonds - OLB Justin Houston

- 3rd Round Draft choice, 32 Games Played, 99 Total Tackles and 15.5 Sacks.....Yes please. KC got a STEAL with this guy and will continue to reap those benefits for at very least a few more seasons. How bad do you feel for Offensive Coordinators that have to content with Tamba Hali AND this guy?

Seven of Diamonds 7 of Diamonds - P Dustin Colquitt

- The eldest of the Colquitt punting pair. This guy has been the most consistent KC Chief throughout the past few years. Madden developers should rename the "Coffin Corner" to "Colquitt's Corner".

Six of Diamonds 6 of Diamonds - OT Eric Fisher

- I have not seen the guy take one snap during a NFL game but he is on my list anyways. Top overall selection in the 2013 NFL Draft and he gets moved to ROT, and is nothing but happy to help and learn. This guy will provide a pass protecting, bull dozing nastiness that the KC Chiefs offensive line NEEDS.

Five of Diamonds 5 of Diamonds - WR Dexter McCluster

- Say what you will about his production over the last year or two....the guy is fun to watch. He just needs more opportunities from a more natural position instead of the #2 WR spot. Put him in the Slot and let him find the soft spots on the field and get into the open.

Four of Diamonds 4 of Diamonds - NT Dontari Poe

- Similar to Eric Fisher, I like Dontari Poe because of his potential nasty play. He played better than most think in 2012 (but arguably not enough as a #11 overall pick). I believe that we will see more from him in his 2nd season and a more aggressive defensive scheme.

3 of Diamonds 3 of Diamonds - TE Travis Kelce

- Another Rookie! The (raw) talent that this guy provides in the passing and blocking game is amazing. Throw in that the man also can get out there and outmatch LBs with speed and DBs with size and strength and we might just have the true heir to T.G. He also plays nasty, something that I cannot state enough that I want to see in KC.

Two of Diamonds 2 of Diamonds - K Ryan Succop

- He might not have the strongest leg or even the most accurate one, but I don't care (too much). 81.5% on FGs (100% on XPs) is (in my opinion) more of a causality of the pressure that he has been under to convert early on in his career. How many times did it look like the only points over the past few seasons were going to come from this guys leg?

Joker - QB Alex Smith

- The Joker card can either be serviceable in your poker hand or could solidify your Full House. I personally believe that Alex Smith is a huge upgrade over our last QB and will show that on the field in KC. Under Andy Reid's offense I think Alex Smith will continue to grow and get better, but we will just have to wait and see.

Those are my favorite 14 KC Chiefs. Not much to it but I can't wait to watch these guys on the field in 2013. Which KC Chiefs make your list of favorite 14(ish)?

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