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KC Chiefs mailbag: Eric Berry and the secondary, former players as GMs and more

Answers to the burning questions of Kansas City Chiefs fans.

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(Send mailbag questions to, or tweet to @RealMNChiefsfan)

I have to say, I'm loving these little mailbags. Gives me an excuse to blow off work every other day or so AND protects me from writer's block. With that in mind, let's look at a few of the emails that have been sent in.

I will try to make this short (as it is football related and not zombies.) I have a lot of position battles I am watching this year, but none more so than what is happening in the secondary.

My question is three parts.

1) Who starts at the safety opposite Berry?
2)Who do you see covering the slot this year, since slot receivers have become so vital to most offenses?
3) What do you think Berry's role is at safety? Center fielder? Exclusive TE coverage guy who supports the run?

Thanks for taking the time to answer, appreciate the work you put into your posts.

The_IT_Guy on Arrowhead Pride, best site on the internets

Hey IT! I forgive you for not asking about zombies. I'm burnt out on them anyway (no I'm not , but it makes me feel better to say I am than to say I'm a 28-year-old who loves zombies). You should know, I'm planning on writing a column making predictions about the Chiefs secondary soon. Of course, because you asked me so nicely, I'll take a couple of stabs. But I'm not going to back up my opinion at all, and we'll save that for the column. It's more fun this way anyway. I'm sick of always trying to give reasons for why I think what I think.

First, starting free safety. I'm going to stun everyone and say... Kendrick Lewis. And no, I'm not going to justify this opinion at the moment.

(I'm now going to go put on a cup and prepare for the repeated internet crotch-punches I'm going to take for taking Lewis)

All right, next we've got the issue of covering the slot WRs. I'm going with Brandon Flowers... usually. Not all the time. It'll be a matchup thing. I've said too much.

Finally, Eric Berry. My answer to your question is... yes. All of that. And more.

Wow, this is a LOT easier when I don't explain myself!

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

MNchiefsfan, Which AP member (that you have never met before) would you like to have a face to face converstation with and what would the topic of that conversation be?


I'm catering to the AP-member crowd with this question. For those who don't log onto AP every day and obsessively follow each comment thread, go ahead and skip to the next question. OR... start logging onto AP every day and obsessively follow each comment thread. Just throwing that out there as an idea. Sure, you'll be less productive and your significant other will want to strangle you a little more often. But it's all worth it.

Back to the question. Whiskey, I can honestly say that there are literally hundreds of AP members I would absolutely love to meet. We're all insane. Which is nice, as lunatics really should gather in large crowds more often, if only to make the world more interesting. But I'm gonna have to go with my arch-nemesis saints_chiefsfan1979 (he's not really my nemesis, but it makes this more fun and even nerdier, so roll with it).

The reason is simple; no one wins internet debates. They drag on and on with no end in sight. With a personal meeting, we could set up for a neutral 3rd party (likely more than one, as I'm guessing we couldn't get one person to listen to us argue for 8 hours straight) to determine the winner. With no computer screen getting in the way, my boy saints and I could finally settle every debate we've ever had. Is Dexter McCluster good? Is Mark Sanchez terrible? Is Tyson Jackson the man? It would be a great night!

(Plus, saints, you know I'd totally hand it to you in person. Come at me, bro!)

First, love the blog. I'm on it every day. let's talk about Wealth to Woes in the NFL. I'm particularly interested in comparing and contrasting the various teams around the NFL based on salary cap and franchise worth vs. their successes and failures. A great example to start with - the Dallas Cowgirls. Highest valued franchise in the NFL at $1.85 billion, but that team is a mess.

Where do the Chiefs rank, and based on their cap and wealth, how much better or worse are they comparatively speaking in terms of being a good/bad team historically. Naturally, things will need to get taken into consideration- longevity of franchise, last playoff appearance, last Super Bowl win and of course average payroll. Ultimately, lots of averages and assumptions but there's some great analytical work that could be done here to calculate some kind of warped Return on Investment to not only the owner, but also to the fan.

Lane Baysden

You know that awkward moment when you realize you're a lot dumber than many of your readers? Yeah, me too.

If you need me, I'll be with my bruised ego at the next question.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Yo, it's AhQueeNo from Arrowhead Pride. Ozzie Newsome is considered one of the best GMs in the NFL and is a former player of the team he manages (aka used to be the Browns). If you had to choose a former Chiefs player to be a GM for our team which former player would you choose and why?

Now this is a little more my speed. The problem with great players is that they are often terrible at the other areas of the game, such as coaching or being a GM. That said, I think there are more than a few Chiefs who could do well in the GM role.

I know it's going to sound like I'm basically punting this question, but I think I'd go with Joe Montana on this one.

1) He's insanely competitive

2) He's highly intelligent

3) He's got the "status" to get into the room with any free agent (we all saw how important that can be with Elway's domination of Manningwatch last year)

4) He knows the game more completely than most.

5) He understands the value of the quarterback position and is one of the best people on earth to judge said position.

6) He seems like his ego is in control enough to defer to others on issues where he's out of his depth,or at least get second and third opinions.

7) He signed a football that I now own, so we're like family. So I'd probably get free access to Arrowhead.

I think we've got time for one more.

Dear Mr. MNMailBag,

I have a question regarding the state of the NSA scandal that is really hitting the news hard lately. Based on what we know, the NSA has been collecting our metadata and phone call history. The government has stated that what they are doing is legal and there isn't much we can do about it. You, being in law school, is that actually true? Is there anything we can do about it? I'm not sure what type of law you are going to specialize in, but what kind of data can the government legally collect?

If they are collecting data, do you think they have a backup of a "adult" "film" that I accidentally deleted a few months back?

Thank you,

Anthony "antirl" Davis

OK, now people are just actively trying to get me arrested. What to say, what to say... what will keep Joel from shutting me down permanently as a risk to AP?

Oh, I've got it! A-HEM...

(picks up script)

I would never dream to question the wisdom and good intentions of so benevolent an agency as the NSA, which only has the best interests of America and her citizens at heart. I believe it to be unpatriotic of us to call into question those who provide us with the protection we so clearly need in order to have life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. If any government agency has an interest in AP, I of course will cooperate to my utmost.

(puts script down and starts whispering)

Pssst.... basically, if they find someone to sign a warrant they can do whatever they want. And judges don't really say not to the NSA. Like ever. Don't tell that I told.

Let's do one more question to get the sour taste of that out of our mouths...

Hey MN, with the Pats approaching critical mass with the meltdown of their TE position (Gronk on the OR table, Hernandez ensnared with potentially seriously legal entanglements), dontcha think this would be a prime opportunity for the Chiefs to move Tony Moeaki, since our TE situation is looking reasonably good without Tony? I'd love to see us send him to the PAts for a conditional pick (say either a 2nd or 3rd?). Your take? May the Farce B with U.

Special K

If the Patriots offered the Chiefs a 2nd or 3rd rounder for To-Mo and John Dorsey didn't accept it within .230 seconds, I'd have him committed and sue him for trolling.

Look, I like To-Mo. I've defended him a ton. But the man is unhealthy. Again. And the fact that Dorsey/Reid not only spent good money on Anthony Fasano but drafted a very good TE prospect in Travis Kelce would seem to indicate that To-Mo isn't in the long-range plans. I think it's a shame, but it is what it is.

And to be fair, we can't say for sure what's going to happen with Hernandez. Granted, he looks really, really, really, really, really, really, REALLY guilty right now. Of at least obstruction, and probably more. But players have come out of worse than this and been all right. So their situation might not be quite as bad as it seems. Personally, I think we've seen the best of the Gronk, though. Turns out those injury concerns he had coming out were accurate. It just took a couple years to fester.

I'd definitely get on the phone and see if BB felt like making a deal. Really, anything for a guy we seem to be moving on from is better than the nothing we get when he walks for free. So why not? See if he'll throw you a conditional pick that can get as high as a 2nd. Strike while the iron is hot. Because I'm almost positive that with Welker gone and his TE's looking like they may not be there, Tom Brady is calling up BB and saying, "say Bill, remember when you told me we could lose Wes because we were basing out offense around our TEs? Um... 'sup, Bill?"

Nothing like a little desperation to make for a great swap. Of course, that's assuming BB feels human emotions like desperation. Which I wouldn't bet on.

This mini-mailbag is starting to turn into a real mailbag, which means it's time to bail and do some work. Now I'm going to go pout about Desmond Bishop signing to play with a team that plays a different style of defense and DOESN'T have 3 Pro Bowl LB's for him to play with. Jerk.

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