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The Kansas City Chiefs will wins lots of games, unless they don't

The KC Chiefs can be the best team in the NFL. Or the worst. One of the two.


It seems over the last couple of seasons the KC Chiefs have been a boom-or-bust team. Before the season starts, folks think they'll be playoff-contending but then they just let you down (except 2010!).

So that's why I think the Chiefs are the best answer to this question:

Which NFL team is most likely to either win the Super Bowl OR have the worst record?

(H/T Reddit for the question)

Gotta be the Chiefs, right? They just had the worst record in the NFL last year so we know that's possible, even if we think it's very unlikely. The winning the Super Bowl part seems less likely but stranger things have happened, even today....

Alex Smith will either be the quarterback that has led one of the best NFL teams the past two seasons (or one-and-a-half seasons). Or he'll be the quarterback that was almost cut in the years before that.

Andy Reid will continue making playoff appearances. Or he'll win five games, just like he did in his first year with the Eagles.

It's June so our focus is on the optimism, which is understandable.

Who's your pick? Besides the Chiefs?

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