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Will Jon Baldwin step up for Kansas City Chiefs?

Plenty has been said about Jon Baldwin's potential, but when does he realize it?

Peter Aiken

My Dad has always had a saying when it comes to sports and players with potential: "Potential is a fancy word for saying he hasn't done anything yet."

I couldn't agree more. Certainly, there are young players who have tons of potential who are expected to take time with regards to development. However, other times people just keep saying a player has potential for far too long, when in reality the guy isn't any good.

The Kansas City Chiefs find themselves in an odd predicament. They are coming off a 2-14 season, and yet many pundits have them as a potential playoff team. Problem is, this is a passing league last I checked, and outside of Dwayne Bowe the Chiefs don't have a reliable No. 2 receiver.

Who will Alex Smith think of first if Bowe is covered?

The battle will likely boil down to Donnie Avery and Jon Baldwin, the newly-acquired free agent vs. the former first round pick. Regardless, both will get their fair share of playing time, but who gets more targets. Who will Alex Smith think of first if Bowe is covered?

This is time for Baldwin to turn his potential into some tangible. If not this year, when? I get the whole story of him never having a good coach and quarterback, but neither has Bowe and he's flourished. It's time for Baldwin to start putting up real numbers, and not this 20 catch, 325 yards as he did in 2012.

Nobody on this team is a bigger x-factor than Baldwin.

At 6'4, 230 pounds, Baldwin should have more than two touchdowns in as many seasons. I don't care if I'm throwing him the ball, that's inexcusable.

Nobody on this team is a bigger x-factor than Baldwin. If he doesn't come to the forefront this year, it's time to go back to the drawing board.

What are you expectations for Baldwin this season? What would satisfy you? Let's hear it below.

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