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KC Chiefs QB coach pleased with 'super intelligent' Alex Smith

The Chiefs quarterbacks coach is the latest to praise Alex Smith.


The narrative surrounding Alex Smith with the Kansas City Chiefs is that he is a very smart quarterback. That's the reason the KC Chiefs picked him up in a trade with the San Francisco 49ers this offseason. When you talk to Chiefs coaches or players, Alex being a "smart" player always comes up.

That's no different with the Chiefs quarterbacks coach, Matt Nagy, who said in an interview with the Chiefs website that he is "really pleased" with Smith, who he called "super intelligent".

"He has a very high-football IQ," Nagy said. "He understands the game. He understands protection, all facets of the game, he gets. If you have that, for all of us who have played most of our life, the physical side of the game comes pretty easily.

"It's understanding the X's and O's and knowing where to be at the right time; when you combine those two ingredients together, good things normally happen and then you take the intangibles of the leadership and working hard and positive attitudes and he has all of those, so, now we just have to take it out to the field on Sundays and get the wins."

It seems that the "Alex Smith is a smart quarterback" is going to be the story line we hear about leading up to the season. That's fine and dandy but, of course, as Chiefs fans, we just care about whether that translates to wins.

Read the full interview at the Chiefs website.

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