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LaDainian Tomlinson's top 5 running backs includes a certain KC Chiefs player

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The "former division rival likes the Chiefs" theme continues.

Ed Zurga

Earlier this week we saw praise for the KC Chiefs from a former Denver Bronco when ESPN's Mark Schlereth had Alex Smith as the biggest acquisition among all NFL teams this offseason.

Now we hear more praise but this time from a former San Diego Charger. LaDainian Tomlinson's list of top five running backs in the NFL includes a familiar name at No. 2: Jamaal Charles.


"Jamaal Charles is a guy who's very interesting to me," LT said. "He has that explosive ability and he can really hit that home run from anywhere on the field."

Now if we can just get a former Raider to chime in...

(H/T Nathan on Facebook)

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