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NBC Sports hires Scott Pioli as NFL 'informationalist'

The former Chiefs general manager will join the Football Night in America team on Sundays.


It's not uncommon for former NFL coaches and executives to find their way into broadcasting in some form or another, and a familiar face will be the next voice to join NBC Sports. Scott Pioli is joining the network's Football Night in America crew on Sundays, according to Sports Illustrated Richard Deitsch.

Pioli's role is to be an "informationalist", according to Deitsch. That's an interesting term since Pioli never wanted to actually give any information as a member of the Chiefs. [Zing!]

Pioli said he took some time to make the decision before agreeing to the role. It's likely that there's a lack of interest from NFL teams between the lines there, but of course that's conjecture.

"I am evaluator by nature so I wanted to spend time taking it all in to make a thoughtful decision," said Pioli.

"I decided this would be a great, new opportunity. Evaluating in my old job the things I did well and the things I did not do well, I certainly believe understanding the media and what their job is was something I did not do a good job of. I thought this was a good opportunity to learn and grow, and get better in a lot of different areas."

Pioli will appear on television but also on various web segments as well. You can check out Deitsch's full column for all of the details.

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