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KC Chiefs coaches talk with Dwayne Bowe about this 'leading the league in receiving' talk

According to a report in the National Football Post, Chiefs coaches "had to have a word" with Bowe after he predicted he would lead the league in receiving. "Andy Reid's offense doesn't work that way," the report stated.

Jamie Squire

Midway through last month we celebrated the return of The D-Bowe Show, the side of KC Chiefs receiver Dwayne Bowe that is quite entertaining in the media. That came up because Bowe had said this to say last month:

Classic Bowe.

John Dorsey and others have been asked about Bowe's comments and they basically point out that they're excited that he's excited. Nothing wrong with a little excitement, right?

Well, Dan Pompei of National Football Post reports that some members of the Chiefs coaching staff "had to have a word" with Bowe about his "leading the league" talk.

"While [the Chiefs coaches] appreciate Bowe's enthusiasm and ambition," Pompei writes, "they want him to understand Andy Reid's offense doesn't work that way. Never has. Probably never will. Reid likes to spread the ball around to multiple targets and take what the defense gives them."

(Fantasy football alert! Fantasy football alert!)

Bowe led the NFL in touchdowns in 2010 with 15. So it seems possible, with a great year, he could challenge that number in 2013. But I don't see him as a candidate to lead the league in receptions or yards.

Bowe's just being Bowe. Like some family members of mine, it's a lot more fun when you don't take everything he says so seriously. Everyone will be just fine if the Chiefs win games. That's the way it always works on every team every year.

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