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Your best Father's Day KC Chiefs stories

Happy Father's Day! Now tell us the best story you have that involves your Dad and the Chiefs.

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Please send in your favorite KC Chiefs memory that involves your Dad. It could be the best game you saw with him, the funniest moment watching the Chiefs or anything else Chiefs-related with your Dad.

I have a lot of memories about the Chiefs with The Old Man. We didn't have season tickets growing up and I had little concept of how much Chiefs tickets cost but I knew a lot of people wanted them so they were probably expensive. I would get to go to one game each year with Old Man Thorman.

I can remember a lot of them -- remember playing the Steelers on Monday night every year for a while there? -- but mostly just the big games. We HATED Jerome Bettis. Man, that guy.

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I can remember going to a preseason game with our entire family -- Mom included -- and it just wasn't as cool with everyone. Football games were meant to be me, Chris and The Old Man. Not my Mom. Also: we couldn't cuss around her.

What I really remember, though, is watching the Chiefs at home with my Chris and my Dad. That's where we watched most of the games.

I can remember praying that the Chiefs beat the Bills in the 1993 AFC Championship Game because The Old Man promised to take us out of school for the Super Bowl parade if the Chiefs won. That loss makes me angry to this day.

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I can remember staying up late to watch the Chiefs play the Raiders on Monday night in 1997. The Grbac-to-Rison game. I was supposed to be in bed but The Old Man let us stay up (of course he did). I remember screaming when the refs called Rison in bounds, knowing the game was over and THIS WAS OUR YEAR!! This was around the time period they were showing Major League on HBO and The Old Man often let me stay up to watch it because The Old Man was awesome.

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I can remember my Dad complaining about Marty ... a LOT. "Martyball" this and that. I would pay a lot of money to hear the audio of The Old Man complaining about Marty in, oh, 1996 or so. Probably YouTube-worthy. Looking back, we now know we should've appreciated Marty more.

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I can remember my Uncle Dave one year buying a big screen TV -- back when big screen TVs were really, really BIG and took up a TON of space -- and going over there every Sunday with Chris and The Old Man. The halftime football with The Old Man and my uncles ... .when they were all terrible quarterbacks and thought they were Joe Montana. Seriously, looking back, I can't believe how bad they were at quarterback. Also, who gets a big screen TV just for football season?!

In non-Old Man Thorman memories, this exchange on AP this week is one of my new favorites:


What are your memories?

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